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This website is designed to show interesting or colourful covers of the whole world. We try to add about 25 to 30 new items each week. Many countries are included but there is particular strength in GB, the French Group & the German Group, as well as world-wide Wartime Censorship in WW1 & WW2, Postage Dues, Mis-routed mail, Special Services and Airmails. Please note items marked with a reference number BPS-xxx are auction lots for viewing only in a Bradford postal auction, not for immediate sale.

All items, most recent first.
Persia multi-franked cover to BeyrouthPersia multi-franked cover to BeyrouthPersia multi-franked cover to Beyrouth
8 pictorials and 3 portrait issues franked front and back cancelled Teheran; by airmail from Polish Red Cross; sealed with local language Censor's tape; tied by circular violet cachet 'Anglo-Soviet-Persian Censorship No 3 & similar cyrillic on reverse; arrival cds Beyrouth 6 December(?) 1944; a spectacular franking

Reference: S1110

Slovakia 1942 censored to New YorkSlovakia 1942 censored to New YorkSlovakia 1942 censored to New York
50h portrait issue plus stamp on label possibly lost(?); cancelled d/r cds Zavod July 1942; British Censor's tape 'Opened by Examiner 980'; forwarded with instructional h/s; cancelled on arrival New York 25 July 1942; envelope fragile

Reference: S1109

GB 1971 Postal Strike to Holland via BelgiumGB 1971 Postal Strike to Holland via Belgium
British postal strike mail with 'Export Letter Service' stamp and boxed h/s 'flown by hovercraft, Ramsgate'; Belgian 3fr 50 cancelled Brussels; with 'received' h/s

Reference: S1108

East Germany Egypt Relief fund 1957East Germany Egypt Relief fund 1957
'Help Egypt' surcharge; Egypt relief fund block of 4 (E293) on stamp fair commemorative card, illustrated; cancelled with special Berlin-Lieffenberg cachet 3 March 1957; no message, unposted

Reference: S1107

Sweden Coronation cruise 1937Sweden Coronation cruise 1937
2 different 15 ore portrait issues, cancelled with VF d/r cds 12 March 1937; Goteborg-New York on envelope inscribed "Svenska America Linien 'Kungsholm'" with large cachet 'M.S. Kungsholm˘s Coronation Cruise 1937'; no b/s

Reference: S1106

Norway a beermat sent through the post 1960Norway a beermat sent through the post 1960Norway a beermat sent through the post 1960
'Frydenlund' beermat franked with 90 ore Norwegian stamp (SG 484) of King Olav V; cancelled with d/r cds Oslo, 31 August 1960; presumably sent through the post, to Aberdeen; certainly unusual

Reference: S1105

Jersey identity card 1941Jersey identity card 1941Jersey identity card 1941
Official identity card (occupation of Jersey) with photo of Basil Clarence Lebrun (born 23 July 1923); WW2 security card; has been folded but a rare wartime survivor; with oval control datestamp, 27 January 1941

Reference: S1104

France stamp subscription form 1955France stamp subscription form 1955France stamp subscription form 1955
Carte d'Abonnement subscription for new French postage stamp issues for a Dr G. Veaux, Bordeaux, 26 December 1955; franked inside with 500fr airmail (SG 1196); numerous postal datestamps inside and on page 4; not often seen

Reference: S1103

USA WW2 double censor to GB 1943USA WW2 double censor to GB 1943
3c Victory + 30c Airmail cancelled Boston Red Cross slogan d/s 22 March 1943; readdressed New York City, then Hexham, then Cambridge; censored twice with 'Opened by Examiner 5646' and 'Examined by 7676',tape of two different types

Reference: S1101

USA Night Letter Sheet telegram 1927USA Night Letter Sheet telegram 1927
A Night Lettergram by the Postal Telegraph & Cable Company, franked with 2c Washington + 2c Seward's Alaska Purchase commemorative (SG 377); local correspondence in Los Angeles, 1 February 1927; attractive and very unusual

Reference: S1102

Syria Free French censor to GB 1944Syria Free French censor to GB 1944Syria Free French censor to GB 1944
Syria 20pi portrait issue; opened and resealed with tape with the Free French Forces cachet and British "Opened by Censor" tape 'No 5726'; from Aleppo to Silsden, Yorkshire, 4 Jan 1944; small h/s 12, scarce censor combination

Reference: S1099

France WW2 3 Covers with France WW2 3 Covers with France WW2 3 Covers with 'blue stripe' censor
3 WW2 covers from France to Holland franked with 4 francs or 8 francs, 2 are registered: each with German censor tape, sealed by black and red swastika cachet; each is also marked front and back by a blue ink 'swipe' special inspection mark

Reference: S1098

France Alsace-Lorraine Official Parcel Card 1927France Alsace-Lorraine Official Parcel Card 1927France Alsace-Lorraine Official Parcel Card 1927
VALEUR DÉCLARÉE parcel card; on front 1fr 50 Pasteur, 15c Sower, 1fr fiscal; on reverse 10 x 1fr 50 Pasteur, 1fr Sower, 10 x 5f Merson; from Mutzig, 16 August 1927 to Karachi; slight faults to card but a spectacular franking and scarce cover

Reference: S1097

France Alsace-Lorraine Official Registered 1930France Alsace-Lorraine Official Registered 1930
2x 1f 50 Pasteur on official envelope from the Mayor of Colmar; cancelled s/r cds 12 April 1930 with RR combined "registration/remboursement" label (reserved for international mail) No 3 m/s Colmar; insured for 12fr 40; faint b/s Minden: a good example of this rare label

Reference: S1096

France-Alsace Railway cancel 1875France-Alsace Railway cancel 1875
m/s Souvrance par Roulins, Doubs' + blue firm's cachet; 25c + 15c Cérès cancelled PC du GC 420 Belfort, 15 June 1875; with courier conveyeur 'cachet ondulé' Laissey 15 BES.B (24); b/s Mulhausen 16 June 1875, a good Alsace railway item

Reference: S1095

Jordan multi-franked envelope from Amman 1950Jordan multi-franked envelope from Amman 1950
Portrait issue 5 x 1 mil, 3 x 5 mil, 2 x 5 mil (SG T267, 222, 226) plus the obligatory taxe stamp; cancelled bilingual bridged cds Amman 19 July 1950; on illustrated business envelope to London; no visible b/s, a nice franking

Reference: S1094

GB registered letter specimenGB registered letter specimen
Overseas registered letter imprinted with 6d brownish mauve embossed stamp overprinted 'School Specimen': inscribed 'G2 size envelope'; unused as new (NSB)

Reference: S1093

1873 France Grand Cassure and Postage Due1873 France Grand Cassure and Postage Due
25c Cérès (SG 211a) with 'grande cassure' plate flaw on top; cancelled 14 October 1873 Paris Rue Taitbout; underfranked to Rome; red postage due h/s, Italian 40c postage due cancelled Roma 18 October 1873; m/s style h/s ˘40' (the rate due); a superb rare franking

Reference: S1084

1917 propaganda card (British soldier & Turk)1917 propaganda card (British soldier & Turk)
Privately printed satirical greetings card, 1917, showing British soldier fighting a Turk against a map of Ottoman Arabia and the Persian Gulf, showing the British Post offices; probably rare, NSB; minor corner fault

Reference: S1092

1936 Tunis postal card1936 Tunis postal card
Parcel card with Tunis CP (colis postaux) label 8567, franked with parcel post stamps 5 x 2fr, 20c, 2 x 5c (SG P44, P46, P52) for 10fr 30c total rate, + 10c quittances fiscal stamp; superb Regence de Tunis cachet; 2 Marseille transit h/s; blue crayon m/s mark (4758?) and red ink '3.92'; Marseille PLM boxed railway d/s 26 Oct 1936; with some faults but a spectacular and rare item

Reference: S1090

French Post Office in China to Italy 1916French Post Office in China to Italy 1916French Post Office in China to Italy 1916
French PO's in China 3 x 4c on 10c and 2 x 2c on 5c (SG 84, 85) plus on reverse 2 x 4c on 10c and 2 x 2c on 5c (28c rate); all cancelled Pékin Chine d/r cds 13 October 1916; b/s Livorno 12 Nov 1916; some envelope faults but a very scarce franking

Reference: S1089

1941 French Equatorial Africa1941 French Equatorial Africa
1fr French Equatorial Africa (similar to SG 145) on 65c with red overprint LIBRE cancelled d/r cds Pointe-Noire 11 December 1941 to Brazzaville; light strike "Controle Postale Commission"; b/s Brazzaville 12 December 1941; this surcharge unlisted in SG

Reference: S1088

1944 Polish Railway Conference1944 Polish Railway Conference
Block of 4 x 18 zloty Railway Conference issue (SG 629) with marginal inscriptions; cancelled d/r cds Tarnow 5 December 1944; to Barnsley, no b/s; scarce stamps, minor faults to back of envelope

Reference: S1087

1944 Occupied Poland to Switzerland1944 Occupied Poland to Switzerland
12gr PS card registered, uprated with 60 gr + 20 gr Hitler heads; cancelled d/r cds Tarnow Krakau 8 April 1944, with registration label; red boxed h/s Zuzustellen; red boxed 2185; red swastika censor's cachet; Swiss orange label ''Zivilpost' Celigny; b/s d/r bridged cds Céligny, Genève 18 April 1944

Reference: S1086

Belgium to Germany mixed frankingBelgium to Germany mixed franking
20pfg Germania + Belgium 25c with Sunday label on Antwerp illustrated letter card; cancelled s/r cds Deutsches Seepost 10 e; With original text and 4 photo illustrations; small corner fault but unusual

Reference: S1085