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Italy to Holland censored 1942

Italy 4 x 20c + 5c definitives cancelled bridged cds Milan 6 March 1942; opened by German Censors and resealed with “Geoffnet” label; sealed with German swastika cachet and confirmed by various small control h/s; b/s large cds UFFICIO CENSURA POSTA ESTERA II 7 March 1942;  a nice combination

Grenada 10/- commercial use 1942

KGVI 2/- and 10/- on airmail envelope lightly cancelled GRENADA 26 September 1942, to Sussex; wartime airmail, uncensored; small faults to envelope and front only but a good franking

French POW in Germany 1942

5fr Petain Salon du Prisonnier POW card to a French Captain in Camp Oflag XB Nienburg (?), with New Year letter,  cancelled Paris m/c datestamp with 7 bars:  superb German censor cachet ‘Geprüft Oflag XB Nr.7’ ; a fine clean example of these cards

GB KG VI Return to Sender 1942

GB KGVI 7d & 8d definitives on air mail envelope from Blackwood (Monmouthshire) to Bombay, 18 March 1942; unable to be delivered with various handstamps and cachets on the front and the reverse, ‘Retour’, ‘DLO Bombay’, ‘Inconnu/ Not Known’, ‘Insufficiently addressed’ ; censored and returned May 1942: a striking combination

GB Telegram 1942 censored

GB Telegram 1942 censored

Cable & Wireless illustrated cablegram “Via Imperial”; red h/s “EBM6909” and violet h/s CGA; from Birmingham to Bardford, Warwicks 22 July 1942; with crown “Passed by Censor” cachet; colourful and spectacular.
(Sorry no picture. the system keep showing the wrong one – it keeps printing the wrong file and I cannot unscramble the error – this belongs to S1120. A scan can be sent separately)

Slovakia 1942 censored to New York

Slovakia 1942 censored to New York

50h portrait issue plus stamp on label possibly lost(?); cancelled d/r cds Zavod July 1942; British Censor’s tape ‘Opened by Examiner 980’; forwarded with instructional h/s; cancelled on arrival New York 25 July 1942; envelope fragile

Parcel card from Heligoland, 1942

Parcel card from Heligoland

German Hindenburg 15 pfg + Hitler head 60 pfg on parcel card, cancelled Helgoland d/r cds 14 September 1942, to Innsbruck, Austria; blue crayon rate marks 2’60, 2’75; h/s ‘Nachgebuhr’ (excess charge); on reverse h/s Verzollt 24 Sep 1942; circular Eagle censor cachet Innsbruck-Bahnhof

Argentine advertising cover to USA censored 1942

Argentine advertising cover to USA censored 1942

10c & 5c portrait issue on lovely advertising envelope, cancelled Buenos Aires, 14 February 1942; to New York; censored and resealed with tape ‘Examined by 6608’ (by British in the West Indies?); no b/s; attractive item

France to US forces in Japan, 1942

France to US forces in Japan

France pictorials 25fr and 50fr cancelled Marseille machine d/s, to US Forces in Yokohoma, Japan, 28 February 1948; US civil censor sealing strip and h/s used by the Occupation Forces in Japan; no postal b/s

GB KGVI Red Cross 1942

GB KGVI Red Cross 1942

KGVI 2½d blue cancelled London m/c d/s 12 October 1942 to Worsley, Manchester with large 5cm circular red cachet “British Red Cross & St John War Organisation”; on reverse handstamp “if undelivered please forward to Foreign Relations Department, British Red Cross of Order of St John”; some wear due to age but scarce wartime Red Cross