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This website is designed to show interesting or colourful covers of the whole world. We try to add about 25 to 30 new items each week. Many countries are included but there is particular strength in GB, the French Group & the German Group, as well as world-wide Wartime Censorship in WW1 & WW2, Postage Dues, Mis-routed mail, Special Services and Airmails. Please note items marked with a reference number BPS-xxx are auction lots for viewing only in a Bradford postal auction, not for immediate sale.

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GB Postal Strike 1971, Bexhill
GB Postal Strike 1971, Bexhill
Postal strike private post 'stamp' 2d red Bexhill Delivery Service, operated by Bruce Co 16 Sea Road, cancelled with h/s; design with entwined SA (or AS);on long envelope, no b/s

Reference: S831

GB Postal Strike 1971 Budleigh-Salterton
GB Postal Strike 1971 Budleigh-Salterton
Postal strike stamp inscribed 'Postage Paid 6d (2p) cancelled with fine cds 'During the National Postal Strike - the post… Raleigh Stamp Postal Service 19 Feb 71', on a local letter in Budleigh Salterton; scarce 'stamp' slight faults to envelope

Reference: S829

GB postal strike 1971, Coventry
GB postal strike 1971, Coventry
Commercial use of postal strike carrier service; letter from Coventry to Chiswick, London on 2? February 1971 bearing private label of 'Loadrunner Transport Services Ltd, Coventry, Inland Post 2/-'; no b/s

Reference: S828

Herm Island, 1965Herm Island, 1965
8 dbls Herm Island local canclled Herm Island s/r cds 13 July 1965 in violet, and 3d Guernsey regional cancelled Guernsey m/c d/s 14 July 1965; to London; on PPC of Herm; arrival b/s Maida Hill 17 July 1965

Reference: S658

Herm Island 1967Herm Island 1967
3d Guernsey regional (SG 7) with faint Guernsey slogan d/s and 8 dbls Herm EUROPA local stamp with VF Herm Island cancellation in blue 30 June 1967, to Watford, on PPC of Shell Beach, Herm Island, no b/s

Reference: S659

Herm Island Bisect 1957Herm Island Bisect 1957
QE2 2d on PPC of Herm Island, with Herm local 1 dble green bisected and neatly cancelled Herm Island s/r cds in violet 18 October 1957; to Guernsey with slogan d/s the same day

Reference: S657