About Us


The items offered on this website are selected from across the whole world of philately and they have usually been chosen because they have some special aspect or point of interest which makes them slightly – or very – different from the ‘normal’ item.  

They have been assembled by a lifelong collector of stamps and postal history, with over sixty years of collecting experience, and offer material which we hope will be attractive to other collectors.  The website will try to offer philatelic material from many areas, Great Britain, Europe and its former Colonies, and the Americas, Africa & Asia, with a slightly greater strength in Europe.

Stephen Holder has been a stamp collector since the age of six and has formed collections of many different countries over the years, especially in the French & German groups of philately; including the stamps, postmarks and postal history of those areas.  Other areas of interest have been those countries or territoiries which have ‘changed hands’ more than once, due to wars or political activity, or which are considered ‘difficult’ to collect, entities such as Alsace, Heligoland, Memel, Trieste, Fiume, Danzig, Poland, Syria, Mozambique Company, Aden, Transvaal and the postmarks of India & its related areas, in particular ‘used abroads’.  Experience in collecting, exhibiting, displaying, judging and expertising has helped to develop the ability to find and describe the apparently simple but more unusual items.

If any item purchased does not measure up to its description, it may be returned without question.