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KE VIII 1½d brown (SG 459) x 32 (28 on reverse) for a total rate of 4 shillings; cancelled London 30 June 1937, with airmail label front & back; red German zeppelin cachet 'Deutsche-Luftpost, Europa-Sudafrica'; to Buenos Aires; a spectacular franking

Reference: 1269

4 pictorials on airmail envelope cancelled d/r bridged cds SERVICO AEREO 30 December 1940; h/s 'VIA AEREO TRANSATLANTICA A EUROPA(?)'; sealed with censor’s tape 'Opened by Examiner 707'; b/s New York 1 Jan 1941

Reference: 1259

4 x 10c Palma portrait + 4 pictorials cancelled Havana (December?) 1941; on envelope sent by airmail; h/s 'Transatlantic Air-Mail'; sealed with Censor’s tape 'Opened by Examiner 1004'; no b/s, a colourful cover

Reference: 1258

Portsmouth Ship Letter boxed h/s on reverse of entire letter (m/s 'bill of lading') from Havana 5 May 1827; large m/s rate mark 4/9; b/s red s/r cds (London) 21 June 1827; m/s 'P. Ship Hindustan'

Reference: 1243
Brazil-Canada 1945

Diamond shape commemoratives 3 x 40 ctvos on registered envelope to Nova Scotia, inspected twice by censors and sealed with Brazilian & British censor tape; various b/s including 3 T.P.O.s; forwarded and mis-routed (?) in the post; cancellation on stamps unclear but presumed to be Brazil

Reference: 1209
Panama first flight to New York 1929

2c PS envelope with added 25c airmail with aeroplane h/s (similar to French ones of 1927) cancelled AGENCIA POSTAL PANAMA 8 February 1929; to New York; VF circular violet cachet "Agencia Postal Panama R.De P. PRIMER CORREO AEREO INTERNACIONAL" & h/s "PANAMERICAN AIRWAYS Inc PRIMER VUELO", a good combination

Reference: 1146
Guatemela 'Jusqu'a' mark to New York 1944

2 pictorials on plain envelope from Guatemala to London; cancelled by slogan d/s with violet h/s 'Afffranchi par Avion Jusqu'a New York'; no b/s; rear envelope flap missing

Reference: 1127
Brazil to Wales double censorship 1943

Pan Air envelope franked with 3 Brazil stamps cancelled 'REGISTRO AERO-TARDE' Pernambuco 9 November 1943; registered airmail with added PAN AIR label; censored by US and GB and resealed with examiners' tapes; with several b/s incl P.A 907 boxed cachet; good example of double censorship

Reference: 1124
Honduras Expedition 1941

Commemorative envelope for the "Richardson Pan-American Highway Expedition, Detroit to Cape Horn"; from Honduras, 20 March 1941; block of 8 1c yellow cancelled with barred d/s

Reference: 1061
Argentine advertising cover to USA censored 1942

10c & 5c portrait issue on lovely advertising envelope, cancelled Buenos Aires, 14 February 1942; to New York; censored and resealed with tape 'Examined by 6608' (by British in the West Indies?); no b/s; attractive item

Reference: 1055

Panama 2c airmail envelope to New York, 8 February 1929, uprated with 25c on 10c airmail surcharged stamp, cancelled Panama duplex 3; VF circular 'Agencia Postal Panama, Primer Correo Aereo Intenacional' and h/s 'Pan American Airways inc, Primer Vuelo', both in violet; no b/s

Reference: 1021
Panama Lindbergh Commemoration

Panama Homage to Lindbergh issue 2c and 5c overprints (SG 222-3) first day of issue with special 'Honor a Lindbergh' cancellation; no b/s; from Colon to Cristobal, 9 January 1928

Reference: 1019

4 Haiti pictorials cancelled d/r French style cds Port de Paix 26 February 1945, to Philadelphia; similar cancellation on reverse; with censor sealing tapes from Haiti & USA; with Haiti cachet on reverse & large boxed cachet in light blue, a scarce combination

Reference: 1025
Nicaragua double censorship to USA 1943

0.40c on 1c pictorial, cancelled with boxed d/s Managua 4 August 1943 to New York; overstruck with circular 'V for Victory' censor cachet in violet (Nicaragua) plus US plain censor’s sealing tape; inscribed bi-lingually 'written in English'; no b/s

Reference: 1024

Chile 20c portrait issue cancelled with VF d/r cds Coronel, to Wimbledon, 1 November 1914; just before the battle, from a civilian or possibly from someone from one of the ships; b/s light Chilian cds: Note the battle took place 1 November 1914 when HMS Good Hope and Monmouth were sunk by a German squadron including the Griesman, Scharbhorst etc, rare item

Reference: 1020
Brazil registered airmail censored 1945

5c small definitives to total of 19,500 reis on registered airmail envelope from Rio de Janeiro to Birmingham, 5 January 1945; censored and resealed in Brazil with box cachet D.F. 278 (front & reverse) and by GB with label "Opened by Examiner 6698"

Reference: 971
Portugal to Cuba 1942 censored

Portugal 10c, 30c, 15c, 1$, 5$ on airmail envelope cancelled C.T.T. LESARADORES(?), LISBOA 'razor blade' style d/r cds 16 May 1942; British censor's tape 'Opened by Examiner 1712; b/s ocatogal d/s LISBON 17 MAY 42; violet cachet "Ministerio de Communicaciones Cuba 2"

Reference: 986
Paraguay censored 1943

7 pesos yellow, 2 x 5c, 10c, 50c and on reverse 2 x 30c flag issues; from Paraguay to Washington, 27 March 1943; cancelled 'Scio Aereo Postal(?) Paraguay'; US (?) Censor’s tape 'Opened by Examiner 8008' with h/s '1E/-', form 167; b/s US receipt h/s 3 April 43

Reference: 957
GB to Cuba 1941 censored

GB KGVI 3d deep violet on envelope cancelled London WC m/c d/s 7 Jan 1941; opened by British censor & re-sealed with tape reading 'Opened by Examiner 2563'; b/s Havana, Cuba slogan d/s 31 January 1941; some faults to envelope

Reference: 901
Costa Rica doubly censored 1942

5c and 10c triangular cancelled d/r cds in violet watery ink Puerto Jiminez, to Los Angeles 15 October 1942; local & US Censor’s tapes 'Abierta por la Censura Defensa Continentalʼ and 'Examined by 2405'; no b/s

Reference: 956
Salvador Airmail to Grimsby 1954

40c pictorial on airmail envelope cancelled with La Union barred cds; tri-lingual handstamp "Air Mail only to New Orleans LA..." in blue-back; m/s on reverse 'From Mexico'; to Grimsby, 18 February 1954; b/s Salvador 20 February 1954

Reference: 821
RAF in Egypt FPO 190 to Argentine 1951

2 mils, 10 mils, 50 mils definitive issue on airmail envelope, cancelled Field Post Office 190 (Egypt) 20 November 1951; Egyptian censor cachet and sorter's diamond h/s; on reverse ROSARIO ARGENTINA roller d/s; m/s 'from RAF Shallufa MEAF 16

Reference: 781
Mexico Olympics Swiss Gymnastics Team 1968

Olympic issue 20c, 40c, 50c, 80c, $1 on large PPC of the Swiss Gymanastics Team at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, with signatures of all the members (14, of which 12 are in the picture), by Airmail; 19 October 1968 from Mexico to Bern

Reference: 832
Chile to London censored 1942

Registered airmail envelope from Santiago to London, 1 May (?) 1942, with 3 airmail issues 10 peso, 1 peso, 20c; registration cachet 'Santiago Poste Aereo'; inspected and resealed with British censor tape 'opened by Examiner 6797'; b/s oval 'New York USA Foreign' 3 - 9 1942

Reference: 803
Argentine to London censored 1942

Registered airmail envelope with 6 x 1 peso map stamp and 2 x 20c portrait issue (1 with fault) from Buenos Aires to London, 27 October 1942; with British censor sealing tape 'Opened by Examiner 693'; b/s New York Foreign 11.3.1942 and 11.5.1942 (3 & 5 November 1942); nice wartime example

Reference: 802
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