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Pair of 25pfg AMPOST yellow cancelled Flensburg-Mürwik (in British Zone), 26 September 1947; opened and resealed with censor label  "Opened by Examiner 7555"; tied by VF 'British Censorship Germany' cachet No 5937; ms "written in German"; from a woman in a displaced persons camp

Reference: 1273

Presidents issue 1c and 4c cancelled White Plains, NY, 28 Nov 1944 to Dublin; British censor tape 'Opened by Examiner 6815'; boxed Irish bilingual censor 'Released by Censor'; no b/s

Reference: 1257

Gibraltar QE2 3d pictorial + US 8d Liberty definitive, cancelled USS Salem warship 21 May 1954; also with USS Saratoga cachet; on reverse 2 line h/s Algiers/North Africa and New York slogan d/s; probably sent during the production of 'The Battle of the River Plate', when USS Salem played the Graf Spee in the film

Reference: 1255

Post-war provisional issues 2+4 zt x 3, & 3 x 5 zt (SG 528-9, 522a) all cancelled with m/s endorsement 'Kosow-Lacki’; m/s hand drawn registration box with m/s entry 'Kosow-Lacki'; pink Exprès label; b/s Warsaw 22 September 1945, New York January 1946; Chicago 15 Jan 1946

Reference: 1239

Registered Airmail to the US consulate in Istanbul, Turkey; Jugoslavia airstamps of 1934, 50p, 2 x 1d, 2d, 2 x 3d (SG300-303), all cancelled d/r cds Novi-Sad/Filatel Izlozba 18 April 1937; unclear violet d/s; on reverse d/s Novi-Sad, Galata, Sofia, Belgrade

Reference: 1226

US Confederate States 10c pale blue (SG 3a) with 4 good margins; cancelled s/r cds Tuliahoma, 24 March 1862; neat plain envelope, no b/s

Reference: 1177

United States one cent portrait postal card with added 1c blue Columbus issue, cancelled Pond Creek 6 February 1894; charged postage due with T 5 cents h/s and stamp cancelled T 15 centimes(?) at New York 9 February : m/s British charge mark h/s 3d  and St Andrews 300  d/r bridged cds arrival 18 February 1894: an attractive combination

Reference: 1165
Panama first flight to New York 1929

2c PS envelope with added 25c airmail with aeroplane h/s (similar to French ones of 1927) cancelled AGENCIA POSTAL PANAMA 8 February 1929; to New York; VF circular violet cachet "Agencia Postal Panama R.De P. PRIMER CORREO AEREO INTERNACIONAL" & h/s "PANAMERICAN AIRWAYS Inc PRIMER VUELO", a good combination

Reference: 1146
Netherland Indies to Switzerland 1940

3½c Ned Indies PS card with added 2 x 40c Queen's Head, cancelled d/r bridged cds BANDOENG 24 November 1940, airmail; red h/s "Gecensureerd 2"; m/s annotation 'By Trans pacific air-route via Hong Kong to USA and by (?) to Europe' plus various other m/s marks, attractive & unusual combination

Reference: 1144
GB to Germany 1947 censored civil mail

Civil mail from London to Berlin (American sector), 11 August 1947; censored; 2x KGVI 2½d cancelled London slogan d/s; sealed with Censor tape "Opened by Mil.Cen-Civil Mails"; tied by circular cachet 'US Civil Censorship Germany. Passed 30301'; no b/s, uncommon useage

Reference: 1133
GB to Newfoundland 1943 censored

GB KGVI 2 x 7d + 1d to St Johns, Newfoundland, 27 November 1943(?) cancelled with US Army APO 610(?) cds & bars and with censor's h/s; by airmail from a US soldier in hospital (APO 514-B); a good franking

Reference: 1132
Guatemela 'Jusqu'a' mark to New York 1944

2 pictorials on plain envelope from Guatemala to London; cancelled by slogan d/s with violet h/s 'Afffranchi par Avion Jusqu'a New York'; no b/s; rear envelope flap missing

Reference: 1127
Holland to South Africa and return 1938

Illustrated telegram envelope franked with 7 Dutch stamps cancelled d/r cds Amsterdam Central Station 5 December 1938; on illustrated reverse South African stamps 6 x 1d and 4 x 1½d VOORTREKKER commemorative, cancelled PRETORIA 15 December 1938; very unusual combination. (Note 1 picture for this is showing in S1119 in arror and will not permiot the error to be rectified)

Reference: 1120
GB to USA Not Found 1952

2 x KGVI 8d cancelled with VF s/r cds St John¢s Wood B.D. NW 8 code D 29 January 1952, registered air mail; violet h/s 'CANNOT BE FOUND' 'DIRECTORY SERVICE GIVEN SOUTH CENTRAL STN' with pointing finger cachet & boxed 'Return to Sender'; red ink m/s 'Letter only'; Chicago and New York b/s 2-5 Feb & St John¢s Wood day of sending; a nice combination

Reference: 1117
USA WW2 double censor to GB 1943

3c Victory + 30c Airmail cancelled Boston Red Cross slogan d/s 22 March 1943; readdressed New York City, then Hexham, then Cambridge; censored twice with 'Opened by Examiner 5646' and 'Examined by 7676',tape of two different types

Reference: 1101
USA Night Letter Sheet telegram 1927

A Night Lettergram by the Postal Telegraph & Cable Company, franked with 2c Washington + 2c Seward's Alaska Purchase commemorative (SG 377); local correspondence in Los Angeles, 1 February 1927; attractive and very unusual

Reference: 1102
Hungary American Relief Fund for Children 1922

8 pictorials on reverse of envelope; 2 x 1 kr + 8 x 2.50 k; from Gyula to New York 7 March 1922; arrival d/s New York registered 23 and 24 March 1922; large cachet "Help Hungary's Children AMERICAN RELIEF ADMINISTRATION"; minor faults to envelope but spectacular franking

Reference: 1070
Argentine advertising cover to USA censored 1942

10c & 5c portrait issue on lovely advertising envelope, cancelled Buenos Aires, 14 February 1942; to New York; censored and resealed with tape 'Examined by 6608' (by British in the West Indies?); no b/s; attractive item

Reference: 1055
USA rural free delivery box holder 1952

US 1c Jefferson PS card green on buff + green boxed imprint 'revalued 2c P.O dept'; local post Monroe, Washington, 20 February 1952; addressed only by large red h/s 'Box Holder Local'; on reverse advert for Monroe store; part of the rural free delivery service, fine example

Reference: 1040
USA rural free delivery 1903

2c Washington (SG 307a) cancelled 1 in 5-bars 'killer' alongside supurb strike of 'R.F.D. BRDIGTON JUN 18 1903 MAINE'; rural free delivery cachet; b/s Portland, ME 19 June 1903 and unclear s/r cds 18 June (Bridgton?): a lovely example of this type of mail

Reference: 1039
France to US forces in Japan

France pictorials 25fr and 50fr cancelled Marseille machine d/s, to US Forces in Yokohoma, Japan, 28 February 1948; US civil censor sealing strip and h/s used by the Occupation Forces in Japan; no postal b/s

Reference: 1035
Card to a US Revenue Cutter

GB KE7 1d red cancelled Cardiff m/c d/s 3 May 1906, to US Revenue Cutter 'Perry', Astoria, Oregon; forwarded with cds and cachet 'Forwarded Astoria Oregon 5 June 1906'; to Seattle

Reference: 1028

4 Haiti pictorials cancelled d/r French style cds Port de Paix 26 February 1945, to Philadelphia; similar cancellation on reverse; with censor sealing tapes from Haiti & USA; with Haiti cachet on reverse & large boxed cachet in light blue, a scarce combination

Reference: 1025
Nicaragua double censorship to USA 1943

0.40c on 1c pictorial, cancelled with boxed d/s Managua 4 August 1943 to New York; overstruck with circular 'V for Victory' censor cachet in violet (Nicaragua) plus US plain censor’s sealing tape; inscribed bi-lingually 'written in English'; no b/s

Reference: 1024
USA to Polish Forces censored 1941

USA 5c MacDowell portrait cancelled s/r cds 13 May 1941 on envelope to Polish sergeant; forwarded, opened, and resealed roughly by British Censor's tape; h/s oval cachet BIURO POCZTOWE 1 KORPUSU 19 July 1941 & 23 July 1941; no b/s; some age wear

Reference: 927
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