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Poland SG 252-260 airmail issue + SG 218, 220, 225, 227, 244 on registered airmail cover from Warsaw to Vienna, 4 Nov 1925; various red h/s included boxed 'SAMOLOTEM' (by 'plane); no b/s; large and attractive envelope

Reference: 1287

VF RP postcard 'Italian War Demonstration, London May 27th 1915' also with placard 'Czechs Greet Italy and her Allies; Down with Austria'; on reverse a red patriotic label 'For the Independence of the Czech Nation'; cancelled by roller m/c d/s 16 June 1915; sent across London from Notting Hill to Holloway Road; a superb rare patriotic card of the period

Reference: 1245

75th anniversary UPU set of 3 40g, 60g, 1s (SG 1175–1177) on special mini-sheet for the 100th year of the UPU, on 1st flight Vienna–Budapest "Aerofila 74"; plus UPU Centenary (SG 1719–20) & 1s definitive; registered; b/s 24 October 1974 Budapest; a curious mixture

Reference: 1190

40g, 60g, 1s UPU issue (SG1175–1177) on 1st flight Vienna–Brussels–New York via Boeing 707 jet, 1 April 1959; registered airmail, stamps cancelled with large special cachet; on reverse block of 4 SG 1538; arrival cds Jamaica, N.Y. A.M.F Kennedy, 1 April 1969

Reference: 1189
1941 Austria to New York censored 1941

German Hindenburg 50pfg + 15pfg cancelled d/r bridged cds Vienna 6a, to New York 11 April 1941; on airmail envelope endorsed ms '4gr' weight mark; sealed on reverse with censor's "Geöffnet" tape with swastika cachets and code numeral 372

Reference: 1075
Austrian Occupation of Serbia censored reply paid card 1918

Austrian occupation of Serbia, complete reply paid card, both parts franked and registered; from Sofia, 29 March 1918 (Julian Calendar, 10 April Gregorian Calendar) 1918 to Geneva; Austrian PS card with added 3 heller Austro-Hungarian Military Post issue with Austrian and Serbian censor handstamps; to exiled Serb in Switzerland

Reference: 1058
Parcel card from Heligoland

German Hindenburg 15 pfg + Hitler head 60 pfg on parcel card, cancelled Helgoland d/r cds 14 September 1942, to Innsbruck, Austria; blue crayon rate marks 2’60, 2’75; h/s 'Nachgebuhr' (excess charge); on reverse h/s Verzollt 24 Sep 1942; circular Eagle censor cachet Innsbruck-Bahnhof

Reference: 1053
Austria National Insurance book

Small folded booklet "Landesverband Niederösterreich" with 14 June 1919 on front page; National Insurance monthly stamps applied and dated for the years 1926 to 1931; clean and well preserved, not often seen

Reference: 1032
Austrian Levant Smyrna to Brussels 1898

Austrian Levant 1 piaster on 10c portrait issue cancelled s/r cds SMYRNA OESTERREICHISCHE POST 8 November 1898; b/s Brussels 13 Nov 1898

Reference: 989

5s Costume design on registered airmail envelope from Vienna to Eccles, Manchester, 20 September 1948; censored with sealing tape and censor'
s cachet 441 Z1; nice example of the currency & security control of post-war Austria

Reference: 968
French Civilian Mail from Austria

7½ pfg Germania cancelled German Army bridged cds K.D. Feldpost (with other details erased); from Hohentwiel, Austria to St Remy, 30 June 1917; violet boxed censor cachet 'Gepruft/P.U.St; message in French, from French civilian (in occupied France?); on decorative PPC

Reference: 837
Austrian Red Cross to Danish POW Agency

Rough paper envelope marked 'Portofrei' in m/s, to the Danish Red Cross POW agency; cancelled with d/r bridged cds Kufstein, Tyrol, 1 April 1917; Red Cross h/s "Freuen-Zweig-Verein/Kufstein"; triangular censor h/s "Zensur Abteillung, Wien"; seal on reverse "Geschlossen von d. Zensur d. GZNB"

Reference: 904
Austria 4-fold Postanweisung PS card c 1880

Four-fold STEUER-POSTANWEISUNG constructed in the reply-paid card style PS; 2kr black on pink, c 1880 unused, almost as new, unusual

Reference: 880

Unfranked envelope,'en franchise' for military use, from Tabori to Graz, 16 February 1916; decorative d/r bridged cds TABORIA POSTA HIVATAL 41; vf strike of military cachet with coat of arms 'K.u.K. RESERVE TELEGRAPHEN-BAN-ABTEILUNG' in violet

Reference: 817
Austria to Finland

Costume issue 15g, 60g & 1s on commercial envelope from Vienna to Finland, 2 March 1951; cancelled Wien 101 roller d/s; opened by censor and sealed with plain tape; Austrian censor cachet Z1 252; b/s Noormarkku 25 March 1941; sealed with colourful Vienna Fair label

Reference: 787
Austrian POW in Russian Camp

POW card from Austrian soldier in a Russian Camp (stated to be Camp 26) to Pilsen, Austria 3 May 1917; triangular Austrian censor cachet "Zensur Abteiling Wien"; 2 v faint strikes of boxed Russian censor h/s

Reference: 786
USA postcard to Austria

2 x 1c green Franklin portrait on PPC of Asbury Park, NJ; from Asbury Park to Vienna, Austria 13 July 1934; US charge mark 'T (NY) 10 centimes D' in 2 purple circles; 24 groschen Austrian postage due cancelled 31 July 1934

Reference: 783
Austria commemorative card 1909

5 Heller green on buff commemorative PS card with illustration of the Battle of Aspern (May 1809) on the obverse; pre-cancelled with the Battle Centenary Exhibition special d/s, Vienna 22 May 1909

Reference: 819
Austrian document with fiscal stamp 1902

Decorative 'versendungs-karte' (shipping/despatch card) document for 6,585 (heller or krone?); franked on reverse with Austrian 1 krone fiscal stamp (dated 1898) cancelled SAAZ 10 November 1902; very colourful

Reference: 818
Austria Feldpost card from Samarkand 1914

Austrian feldpost card from Samarkand, Uzbekistan to Vienna 17/30 (double date Russian calendar) December 1914; with Russian censor h/s & red circular German language censor h/s; MS crayon rate notation; unusual point of origin

Reference: 747
German Annexation of Austria mixed franking 1939

Registered envelope during the German annexation of Austria; mixed franking of Austrian and German stamps, Austria SG 721, Germany SG 658; no b/s; some age faults

Reference: 710
Vienna to New York

Envelope with d/r bridged cds 2/1 Wien 27; on reverse small costume definitive 2 x 24gr + 12 gr cancelled with the same cds; to New York 10 September 1936; on reverse "Not in Directory Morris Heights Station" and "INCONNU/UNKNOWN" in violet; on face h/s RETOUR in violet

Reference: 675
Austria Airmail Postcard

Airmail issue 5g, 20g, 30g (SG 617, 624, 627), on PPC of Fuschl am See with airmail label, Salzburg to Manchester, cancelled Salzburg 11 July 1935; scarce stamps on cover, especially on postcard

Reference: 640
Austria wrapper & part letter

Austria, wrapper & part letter folded into an envelope shape with sealed flap, 24 October 1836 registered official mail, decorative oval h/s Hainburg, to Vienna, b/s Wien 27 October, numerous MS markings, fascinating clean cover

Reference: 567

brown military envelope with MS 'feldpostbrief' cancelled 'Kön:Pr.Feld Post Expedition II Res. Armee Corps' & boxed cachet SB B.4.G.R.z.F. to Mühlhausen in Thüringen; b/s 26 July (1866); with neatly written original letter (in old script): (Note the Battle of Sadowa was on 3 July 1866, & the Treaty of Prague 23 August 1866); some age wear to envelope but o/w fine & rare

Reference: 537
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