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Portrait head definitives 30, 10, 0.25 din (SG 333, 330, 320) + 0.50 (SG 415) and 2 x 2 dinar fiscals; cancelled Zagreb, 8 August 1940; s/r Graz transit d/s 9 August (to Goppingen labour camp); fair boxed h/s 'Nachgebühr'; German 'Eagle' censor cachet; b/s Ulm (Donau) No. 6(?)

Reference: 1256

Registered Airmail to the US consulate in Istanbul, Turkey; Jugoslavia airstamps of 1934, 50p, 2 x 1d, 2d, 2 x 3d (SG300-303), all cancelled d/r cds Novi-Sad/Filatel Izlozba 18 April 1937; unclear violet d/s; on reverse d/s Novi-Sad, Galata, Sofia, Belgrade

Reference: 1226

2k brown/cream PS card with added 5k charity tax for war victims; cancelled s/r cds SARAJEVO 1 Jan 1945; large T 'taxed' h/s; stamp used as postage due?

Reference: 1195
Bulgaria Sunday delivery 1944

Registered envelope with 3 Bulgarian stamps, cancelled s/r bilingual cds Bourgas, 21 July 1944, with registered label and Sunday Delivery stamp (SG 499); b/s Sophia 22(?)July 1944; unusual

Reference: 1121
Jugoslavia Postal Conference Fund FDC

Postal Employees Fund (SG432-6) FDC on special envelope, registered; hexagon cachet in red PTT...Zagreb; s/r cds Zagreb 1 March 1940; b/s Mitrovia 2 March 1940, colourful cover

Reference: 1069
Turkey Passport Page 1947 with fiscal stamps

Passport page (No 009471) franked (front and back) with 6 fiscal stamps, 21 March 1947, Kilirisar?

Reference: 1065
Greece Currency Inspection 1936 to French Morocco

On front 7d pictorial and on reverse 8d pictorial + 2 x 50 lepta on 20 lepta; cancelled with d/r bridged cds Peireus (Athens) 7 November 1938, to French Morocco; red crayon "Surtaxe insufficante" (endorsed by signature); opened and resealed by currency control authorities; tied by large cachet; b/s m/c d/s CASABLANCA 10 Nov 1938

Reference: 1064
Austrian Occupation of Serbia censored reply paid card 1918

Austrian occupation of Serbia, complete reply paid card, both parts franked and registered; from Sofia, 29 March 1918 (Julian Calendar, 10 April Gregorian Calendar) 1918 to Geneva; Austrian PS card with added 3 heller Austro-Hungarian Military Post issue with Austrian and Serbian censor handstamps; to exiled Serb in Switzerland

Reference: 1058
Yugoslavia Parcel Card 1939

Parcel card cancelled with d/r bridged cds JLMENAU 15 April 1939, VILLARCH 19 April small label Villach 2 and unclear light red boxed h/s; blue crayon m/s charge mark; on reverse Yugoslavia Revenue stamps 2 x 2dinar + 2 x 2marks cancelled Zagreb, with inspector¢s cachets

Reference: 923
Turkey registered to Serbia 1921

5 Turkish pictorials 2 x 7½ pi on 3 pi, 60 paras on 10 paras, 5 pi, 1pi unsurcharged, for 21 piasters 60 paras rate; from Istanbul to Belgrade, 16 November 1921; boxed R registration h/s ms 868; b/s STAMBOUL 16 Nov 1921; BEOGRAD 18 Nov 1921

Reference: 998
Roumanian PO in Levant 1896

Pair Romania 10 bani green (perf 13½) surcharged 20 paras 20 in a 'watery' h/s, on reverse of envelope, cleanly cancelled 'Posta Romana Cospoli', with 2nd unclear different cds alongside (Constantinople?), unaddressed but possibly with address label removed; rare use, probably philatelic?; used on mail on Romanian ship post
Constanza-Constantinoople; on front VF d/r cds Ploesti Gara 28 March 1896, very scarce

Reference: 993
Fiume Esperanto label and cachet 1957

1 din Yugoslavia allegory design, plus red and green 'primitive' label, rouletted, for Esperanto Congress; both cancelled with special d/s in green 9e INTERNACIA FERVOJISTA ESPERANTO KONGRESO RIJEKA 15.V.1957

Reference: 977
Yugoslavia Parcel Card 1937

German parcel card cancelled with red oval d/s 'Leverkusen 1.G WERK Gebühr Bezahlt'; blue crayon charge mark; cds Munich 26 Nov 1937 and unclear cds 28 Nov; on reverse Yugoslavia revenues 2 x 2 mks with Slavonic cancellations '...Magazin', & 5 dinars orange cancelled Zagreb 2 3 December 1937, nice combination

Reference: 922
Yugoslavia (Slovenia) postal cheque 1921

Postal document (for transfer of money?) with red cachet "Posta Cekovni hrad/S.H.S./Ljubljani 20 IV 1921" from Javornik; on reverse strip of 4 x 15 paras Slovenia Porto red overprints cancelled Javornik 25 IV 1921

Reference: 848