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VF PPC of Latvian country village street with 2 x 2r + 4r cancelled TALSI (Latvia) d/r cds 22 March 1922, to Antwerp; all on front of card with the same cds on the reverse

Reference: 1270

Registered Airmail to the US consulate in Istanbul, Turkey; Jugoslavia airstamps of 1934, 50p, 2 x 1d, 2d, 2 x 3d (SG300-303), all cancelled d/r cds Novi-Sad/Filatel Izlozba 18 April 1937; unclear violet d/s; on reverse d/s Novi-Sad, Galata, Sofia, Belgrade

Reference: 1226

5 pictorials including the rectangular air stamp, on plain postal card, all cancelled Haapsalu/Eesti d/r cds 26 May 1920; faint red registration h/s with ms number 964; Danzig arrival bridged d/r cds 2 June 1920

Reference: 1204

10 heller Hradcany Czech parcel card with added 2 x 20 h Eagle design, cancelled Brnenec-Brunnlitz, registered & with red label Valeur Déclarée: Budapest transit cds & Vel Becekerek bridged arrival cds; with added Yugoslav 2 d  green fiscal stamp cancelled with purple cachet: a fine scarce combination

Reference: 1166
Bulgaria Sunday delivery 1944

Registered envelope with 3 Bulgarian stamps, cancelled s/r bilingual cds Bourgas, 21 July 1944, with registered label and Sunday Delivery stamp (SG 499); b/s Sophia 22(?)July 1944; unusual

Reference: 1121
Yugoslavia Parcel Card 1939

Parcel card cancelled with d/r bridged cds JLMENAU 15 April 1939, VILLARCH 19 April small label Villach 2 and unclear light red boxed h/s; blue crayon m/s charge mark; on reverse Yugoslavia Revenue stamps 2 x 2dinar + 2 x 2marks cancelled Zagreb, with inspector¢s cachets

Reference: 923
British Post Offices in Turkey to GB 1882

GB 2½d plate 23 1E cancelled barred oval C and alongside s/r cds in red BRITISH POST OFFICE CONSTANTINOPLE code C 19 May 1882; on reverse s/r cds Gosport 24 May 1882

Reference: 999
Turkey registered to Serbia 1921

5 Turkish pictorials 2 x 7½ pi on 3 pi, 60 paras on 10 paras, 5 pi, 1pi unsurcharged, for 21 piasters 60 paras rate; from Istanbul to Belgrade, 16 November 1921; boxed R registration h/s ms 868; b/s STAMBOUL 16 Nov 1921; BEOGRAD 18 Nov 1921

Reference: 998
Finland 1916 with Russian censor

Finland 2 x 5 p Russian Arms design on commercial envelope from Tavastehus to Avo, 4 August 1915; cancelled with trilingual d/r cds; with red d/r Russian Cyrillic censor h/s Avo(Abo); b/s ABO/Turku roller d/s 5 Aug 1915; small faults to envelope at top do not detract

Reference: 883
Yugoslavia Parcel Card 1937

German parcel card cancelled with red oval d/s 'Leverkusen 1.G WERK Gebühr Bezahlt'; blue crayon charge mark; cds Munich 26 Nov 1937 and unclear cds 28 Nov; on reverse Yugoslavia revenues 2 x 2 mks with Slavonic cancellations '...Magazin', & 5 dinars orange cancelled Zagreb 2 3 December 1937, nice combination

Reference: 922
Canada to Bulgaria 1933

5c Royal William commemorative (SG 331) cancelled with slogan d/s 'Place Home Address on All Mail'; from Winnipeg, 13 September 1933, to Pleven, Bulgaria; readdressed to Sofia; h/s Sofia 25 Sept, Pleven 26 Sept, Sofia 30 Sept 1933

Reference: 824
Turkey to London 1945 censored

3 x 20k portrait issue + 1k pictorial and 2k compulsory tax stamp, cancelled Galata, Istanbul d/r bridged cds 11 February 1945(?) to London; boxed red 'NON CONTROLÉ(?) cachet; examined and resealed with British censor's tape 'Opened by Examiner 675'; bilingual b/s 19 2 45(?)

Reference: 878
Italy to Dalmatia

1 lire and 1.75 definitives cancelled PADOVA CORRISP. PACCHI; to Split, Dalmatia, 20 June 1942, registered 'Via Aerea'; censor's tape Verificato per Censura' tied on reverse with d/r cds 24 June 1942 'Restituita....Comm. Prov. Cens. Spalato'; b/s 'Ancona Centro...' 22 June, 'Spalato Poste (Dalmazia)' 24 June 1942; a striking combination

Reference: 809

10k portrait +2k obligatory tax stamp; cancelled Istanbul d/r cds 5 September 1944; to Leicester; British censor's tape 'opened by Examiner 3601' ; no b/s

Reference: 839
Austria to Finland

Costume issue 15g, 60g & 1s on commercial envelope from Vienna to Finland, 2 March 1951; cancelled Wien 101 roller d/s; opened by censor and sealed with plain tape; Austrian censor cachet Z1 252; b/s Noormarkku 25 March 1941; sealed with colourful Vienna Fair label

Reference: 787
German occupation of Russian Poland

PPC of a village in Russian Poland when occupied by the Germans, from Garwolin to Breslau, fine bridged cds Garwolin 20 September 1916; military cachet '4 Comp. Landst-Bataillon, Strisgau'; clear cachets

Reference: 785
Yugoslavia (Slovenia) postal cheque 1921

Postal document (for transfer of money?) with red cachet "Posta Cekovni hrad/S.H.S./Ljubljani 20 IV 1921" from Javornik; on reverse strip of 4 x 15 paras Slovenia Porto red overprints cancelled Javornik 25 IV 1921

Reference: 848
Latvia official mail 1865

Printed document in German concerning the German Lutherian Church in Riga dated 16 December 1865; official stampless folded letter to Marienburg cancelled Riga 8(?)December 1865 (note diffeence in Russian and other calendars)

Reference: 822
France Film Festival 1946 to Warsaw

Cannes Film Festival Air Day; Gandon 2fr and 15fr cancelled s/r cds 'Festival du Film, Cannes', with green festival labels and boxed cachet, to Warsaw Poland 22 September 1946; s/r cds Warszawa 10 October 1948; b/s Warsaw 2 28 September 1948; and a 2nd light Warsaw d/s; presumably returned

Reference: 716
Jugoslavia Parcel Card

Early type parcel card (Kingdom of Serbs, Croats & Slovenes) registered No 924 PPSR, franked with King Alexander 50 paras & King Peter 3 x 4 dinars, 10 dinars, cancelled by bridged cds Britzene (Vrnjci)(?) 21 August 1921; on reverse indistinct BEDGRAD (?) arrival cds 23 August 1921; a nice franking

Reference: 687
GB 2½d UPU used alone to Athens

PUC 2½d (SG 437) used alone on plain envelope from London to Athens 16 June 1929; cancelled d/r m/c d/s & cds; 2½d foreign surface mail rate; no b/s

Reference: 683
Roumania registered to Germany

4 x 5 bani King Carol pale green on envelope; Bucharest to Chemnitz cancelled 23 March 1912 Bucuresti Recomandate; on reverse block of 6 of the same stamp with the same cancellation; b/s Chemnitz 25 March 1912; a striking cover of the period

Reference: 654
Lithuanian passport with consular stamps

Passport No 1093 issued with photo i.d. (female), 2 very fine coloured 5 litu fiscal stamps cancelled with violet cachet of the Lithuanian Consulate, with other revenue stamps on 3 pages and 2 more on visas page, dated 19 October 1928; very unusual and seldom seen

Reference: 646
Lithuanian Passport with consular stamp

Passport No. 1409 issued with photo i.d. (male). Lovely coloured 10 litu fiscal stamp cancelled with violet cachet of the Lithuanian Consulate, with other revenue stamps on 3 other pages and 5 more on the visas page, dated 18 December 1928: very unusual and seldom seen

Reference: 645
GE KEVII with control numbers

QV 1d pink PS envelope, uprated with KEVII 1d red control H8 and 1/2d light green Control G7, cancelled Manchester m/c d/s; b/s VF British Post Office, Constantinople 24 Dec 1909; Very scarce combination

Reference: 585
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