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VF RP postcard 'Italian War Demonstration, London May 27th 1915' also with placard 'Czechs Greet Italy and her Allies; Down with Austria'; on reverse a red patriotic label 'For the Independence of the Czech Nation'; cancelled by roller m/c d/s 16 June 1915; sent across London from Notting Hill to Holloway Road; a superb rare patriotic card of the period

Reference: 1245

Italy 10c PS card cancelled 'Posta Militare No 97' 10 March 1918, from Genoa (?) to Switzerland ; b/s black Censor's h/s '37 Verificato Per Censura' & red h/s 'Milano Posta Estera'; from a soldier in the 10th battalion (?); a nice combination

Reference: 1240

Italy 4 x 20c + 5c definitives cancelled bridged cds Milan 6 March 1942; opened by German Censors and resealed with "Geoffnet" label; sealed with German swastika cachet and confirmed by various small control h/s; b/s large cds UFFICIO CENSURA POSTA ESTERA II 7 March 1942;  a nice combination

Reference: 1193
1873 France Grand Cassure and Postage Due

25c Cérès (SG 211a) with 'grande cassure' plate flaw on top; cancelled 14 October 1873 Paris Rue Taitbout; underfranked to Rome; red postage due h/s, Italian 40c postage due cancelled Roma 18 October 1873; m/s style h/s ¢40' (the rate due); a superb rare franking

Reference: 1084
Italian internee in Switzerland 1941

Military internment envelope from Berne Schönbühl to Zurich with PORTOFREI cachet; c1941; from an interned Italian soldier; h/s 822; no b/s

Reference: 1002
Italian internee in Switzerland 1942

Military internment envelope with cachet CAMP MILITAIRE d'INTERNEMENT BUSSWIL; undated but c1942; to Zurich; from an Italian citizen; h/s 365; no b/s; on reverse trilingual Swiss censor label

Reference: 1005
Italian internee in Switzerland 1942

Military internment envelope with cachet CAMP MILITAIRE d'INTERNEMENT FRIBOURG FRANK DE PORT; undated, but c1942; to Geneva; from an Italian internee; h/s 315; no b/s

Reference: 1004
Italy to France 1839

Entire from Milan, 12 December 1839 to Lyon; h/s in red 'Milano/Dicembre 12'; h/s in red 'Franca'; h/s in red 'T.S.1' (transit Sarde rayon 1); h/s in red LI (lettera Italiana); m/s charge mark 15 décimes; French cachet d¢entrée SARD 2 Pont de B 2 16 December 1839; b/s Lyon 16 December and rate marks

Reference: 932
Italian internee in Switzerland 1941

Military internment envelope used within Berne, c1941, with d/r PORTOFREI cachet for an interned Italian citizen; h/s 315; incomplete b/s undated

Reference: 1003
French Post Office in Levant with BOITE MOBILE h/s

10c black Type Sage cancelled with d/r cds Smyrne Turquie d'Asie 13 August 1900, to Marseille; on Pompeii Casa dei Vettii Postcard (blue background series), oval maritime cachet BM (boîte mobile)

Reference: 992
Italy to France 1843

Entire from Brescia to Lyon, 10 March 1843; red h/s Brescia 10 Mar; red h/s 'Franca'; red h/s TS1 (transit Sarde rayon 1); red h/s LI– (littera Italiana); m/s rate mark 10 décimes; b/s Lyon 14 March 1843 & m/s rate mark 9

Reference: 933
Italy Express Mail 1948

4 x 10 lire small definitive + 50 lire pictorial; cancelled d/r bridged bilingual cds (railway d/s) BOZENI BAHNPOST AMT; from Bolzano to Lucerne, 19 January 1948; boxed red trilingual express h/s; b/s AMB BRENERO VERONA 210, 19.1.1948, MEGGEN (LUZERN) 20.1.48

Reference: 827
Italy registered express 1921

50c portrait issue + 30c express stamp cancelled d/r cds Napoli 3 ACCETT. RACCOM. 23 February 1921 to Lyon; violet h/s RACCOMANDATA; b/s Lyon 25 Feb 1921 (faint strike)

Reference: 826
Italy to Dalmatia

1 lire and 1.75 definitives cancelled PADOVA CORRISP. PACCHI; to Split, Dalmatia, 20 June 1942, registered 'Via Aerea'; censor's tape Verificato per Censura' tied on reverse with d/r cds 24 June 1942 'Restituita....Comm. Prov. Cens. Spalato'; b/s 'Ancona Centro...' 22 June, 'Spalato Poste (Dalmazia)' 24 June 1942; a striking combination

Reference: 809
Austrian Italy 1856

Entire cancelled Bologna 11 January 1856 small s/r cds; m/s charge mark 6 (amount due to Austria in lira); red h/s 'D.A.d.L'; Austrian Italy currency notation, with m/s '4'; b/s small boxed red 'Arrivo Genova' 13 Jan 1856

Reference: 914
Italy Transatlantic Clipper 1945 censored

2 lire 1930 air stamp (SG 275) + 2 lire definitive issued August 1945 (SG 638) on airmail envelope inscribed m/s "via Transatlantic Clipper", from Rome to New York, 4 September 1945; Italian censor tape "Censura Verificato"; British censor tape "Opened by Examiner 4331"; incomplete Italian cachet on reverse; airmail envelope illustrated inside; faults to envelope

Reference: 760
Italy registered letter

Dante issue 25c + 2 x 1.25 (SG 317, 321) on envelope with registered label and h/s RACCOMANDATA; from Rome to Birmingham, 27 August 1932; b/s ROMA FERROVIA RACCOMANDATEO; a 'Wilson' cover from the well-known dealer Diena

Reference: 759
Italy registered envelope 1932

Italy 20c + 25c Dante Aligheri commemoratives (SG 316, 320) + 2 lire 55 small definitive; from Genova to Birmingham, 18 March 1932; cancelled "Genova II/Via Assarotti"; with Genova registration label; b/s Genova-Ferrovia-Raccomandate 18 March 1932; a 'Wilson' cover

Reference: 746

Italy 5 x 25c Victor Emmanuel on official envelope of the Commune di Altamura, to Paris, 28 January 1928; cancelled ALTAMURA bridged d/r cds with large cachet of the town 'Municipio di Altamura', on the front & on the reverse

Reference: 734
Italy registered express envelope to Berne

Definitve issue 3 x 5 lire + 5 x 10 lire for a 65 lire registered express rate, to Berne, cancelled GENOVA No. 14 d/r bridged cds 14 July 1947; black on pale plue ESPRESSO label + red Swiss tri-lingual Express h/s; b/s Milan 15 July & Bern-Hindelbank 16 July 1947; small faults to envelope

Reference: 732
Italy Express Stamps on envelope to France 1921

4 x 30c EXPRESS stamp + 4 x 15c portrait issue, 1 lire 80c rate, cancelled d/r cds to Lyon 8 June 1921; b/s Lyon 10 June 1921, colourful franking

Reference: 733
Italy Express letter to Switzerland multifranking 1946

Small definitives 1 lira, 2 lire (fault) & on reverse block 21 x 2 lire, for a 45 lire rate, all cancelled with bridged d/r cds MONTEREGGIO/MASSA CARRARA; to Olten Switzerland, 30 October 1946; m/s 'EXPRES', pink Express label, h/s 'ESPRESSO'; transit d/r PARMA 31 October (2 different); a spectacular franking.

Reference: 731
Italy Corsini Correspondence 1624

Complete folded entire with clearly written text (possibly in Florentine Italian), Siena to Florence May 1624; possible m/s rate mark '5'; from the Corsini correspondence

Reference: 719
Italy Venturini Correspondence 1690

Complete folded entire with neatly written text (possibly in Venetian Italian?), Venice to Livorno 20 May 1690; m/s rate mark '34'; part of the Venturini correspondence,

Reference: 718
French Occupation of Rome

19 July 1813, entire, with text in Italian, from the Département Conquis 116 in Rome (VF strike) to Prince Tommaso Corsini in Florence; m/s rate mark 8 décimes; on reverse h/s "23 JUILLET"

Reference: 664
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