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Poland SG 252-260 airmail issue + SG 218, 220, 225, 227, 244 on registered airmail cover from Warsaw to Vienna, 4 Nov 1925; various red h/s included boxed 'SAMOLOTEM' (by 'plane); no b/s; large and attractive envelope

Reference: 1287

Post-war provisional issues 2+4 zt x 3, & 3 x 5 zt (SG 528-9, 522a) all cancelled with m/s endorsement 'Kosow-Lacki’; m/s hand drawn registration box with m/s entry 'Kosow-Lacki'; pink Exprès label; b/s Warsaw 22 September 1945, New York January 1946; Chicago 15 Jan 1946

Reference: 1239

Russian parcel card, registered from Lodz in Poland, appears to be local use, franked with arms types 50k, 20k, 3 x 10k, 5k, 3k (108 kopek rate); striking franking, on front and back, and a spectacular Poland cover

Reference: 1221

Russian Arms type 9 x 3 kopek + 3 x 1 kopek (30 kopek rate) on reverse of registered envelope cancelled Warsaw 1 April 1906 to Vienna; fine and spectacular

Reference: 1206
GB Polish censor cachet & seal 1920

GB KGV 4d and ½d cancelled 'Strangeways Manchester' 29 January 1920 to Warsaw; registration label Manchester 22; opened by Polish censor and sealed with tape and large octagonal Polish censor cachet; at a time of Polish frontier conflicts(?); m/s and h/s on reverse

Reference: 1130
Persia multi-franked cover to Beyrouth

8 pictorials and 3 portrait issues franked front and back cancelled Teheran; by airmail from Polish Red Cross; sealed with local language Censor's tape; tied by circular violet cachet 'Anglo-Soviet-Persian Censorship No 3 & similar cyrillic on reverse; arrival cds Beyrouth 6 December(?) 1944; a spectacular franking

Reference: 1110
1944 Polish Railway Conference

Block of 4 x 18 zloty Railway Conference issue (SG 629) with marginal inscriptions; cancelled d/r cds Tarnow 5 December 1944; to Barnsley, no b/s; scarce stamps, minor faults to back of envelope

Reference: 1087
1939 Occupied Poland Red Cross to Hungary

German 5 pfg Hindenburg PS card with added 10 pfg; red h/s 'Polski Czerwony Krzyz Okreg Krakowski' (Polish Red Cross, Krakow); cancelled Krakow 2 December 1939; Visegrad, Hungary arrival cds 9 December 1939; small faults to lower corner but a nice Red Cross item

Reference: 1079
USA to Polish Forces censored 1941

USA 5c MacDowell portrait cancelled s/r cds 13 May 1941 on envelope to Polish sergeant; forwarded, opened, and resealed roughly by British Censor's tape; h/s oval cachet BIURO POCZTOWE 1 KORPUSU 19 July 1941 & 23 July 1941; no b/s; some age wear

Reference: 927
Polish forces in GB 1945 censored

Polish Warsaw Rising issue 1944 1+2 zlt on registered envelope to Polish Forces CMF 125, with special boxed cancellation POLSKA MARYNARKA WOJENNA AGENCJA POCZTCWA (also on registered label); opened by British Censor Examiner 1586; b/s Poczta Polowa(?) 132, 26 May 1945; scarce combination

Reference: 899
USA to England 1943 censored

US 5c occupied countries issue, Poland (marginal) + 2 x 2c Defence Definitives; from Brooklyn to South Shields, 31 July 1943; opened and resealed by British Censor 'Opened by Examiner 5231'; no b/s

Reference: 898
Russian Poland 1913

Russian 7 kopek and 3 kopek Arms type issues cancelled d/r cds Lodz 3; to Zwickau, 14 February 1913; registered; b/s Zwickau 1 March 1913

Reference: 807
USA Special Delivery 1943

2 x 5c occupied Poland commemorative + 2 x 3c Jefferson; m/s 'Air Mail special delivery' from Sacramento to La Jolla, 21 November 1943; cancelled large s/r cds duplex 1; violet h/s 'Fee claimed by office of first address'; b/s La Jolla received 22 November 1943

Reference: 789
German occupation of Russian Poland

PPC of a village in Russian Poland when occupied by the Germans, from Garwolin to Breslau, fine bridged cds Garwolin 20 September 1916; military cachet '4 Comp. Landst-Bataillon, Strisgau'; clear cachets

Reference: 785
France Film Festival 1946 to Warsaw

Cannes Film Festival Air Day; Gandon 2fr and 15fr cancelled s/r cds 'Festival du Film, Cannes', with green festival labels and boxed cachet, to Warsaw Poland 22 September 1946; s/r cds Warszawa 10 October 1948; b/s Warsaw 2 28 September 1948; and a 2nd light Warsaw d/s; presumably returned

Reference: 716
WWI German Occupation of Poland Czenstochau

Germania issue oveprinted Russissche Polen 3,5,10,20,50 pfgs, and similar issues overprinted Gen-Gouv Warschaw 2½,7½,15 pfgs (SG 1-5,6, 9, 11) on large brown envelope used within Czenstochau; with Czenstochau violet censor cachet;, no backstamp: philatelic franking but a fine scarce assembly

Reference: 613

Poland 1.50 zloty pictorial PS card with added 1.50 pictorial, imperf, cancelled Luban, to Bad Manheim, with US Civil Censorship Passed 20579 cachet on front, a neat clean combination

Reference: 213