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Allied (Soviet) zone issue 7 x 24 pfg, 20, 2 x12, 2 x 10, 8 pfg; the 'zehnfach frankatur' (10 x rate) introduced 21-23 June 1948 as part of the currency reform tariff; used for longer in the Russian Zone; Dresden cancellation to Cologne; 240 pfg = 24 pfg new rate; some stains and wear but a spectacular franking; (see Stich handbook p105)

Reference: 1238

Russian parcel card, registered from Lodz in Poland, appears to be local use, franked with arms types 50k, 20k, 3 x 10k, 5k, 3k (108 kopek rate); striking franking, on front and back, and a spectacular Poland cover

Reference: 1221

Russian Arms type 9 x 3 kopek + 3 x 1 kopek (30 kopek rate) on reverse of registered envelope cancelled Warsaw 1 April 1906 to Vienna; fine and spectacular

Reference: 1206
Persia registered airmail censored 1945

Registered air mail with violet h/s TEHERAN R No. 13702; d/r circular cachet 'Anglo-Soviet-Persian Censorship' plus a faint similar mark in Cyrillic; small violet circular registration (?) cachet 16; with 3 definitive stamps on reverse; faults to envelope

Reference: 1145
Russia Official 'Free mail' 1943

Plain emergency paper envelope, unfranked, with registration No 857; all text on envelope in Russian; official mail postage and registration free; 3 d/r cds b/s, all Moscow(?), 24 April 1943; presumably local delivery, unusual official mail

Reference: 1128
Persia multi-franked cover to Beyrouth

8 pictorials and 3 portrait issues franked front and back cancelled Teheran; by airmail from Polish Red Cross; sealed with local language Censor's tape; tied by circular violet cachet 'Anglo-Soviet-Persian Censorship No 3 & similar cyrillic on reverse; arrival cds Beyrouth 6 December(?) 1944; a spectacular franking

Reference: 1110
Russia to Stockholm

8 pictorials + 1 small definitive, 138 kopeks total, cancelled d/r cds Moscow 55 13 April 1936; to Stockholm; a nice multifranking, no backstamp

Reference: 1037
Russia to Paris

19 x 5 roubles (SG 279) (plus probably 2 other copies lost) & 2 x 10 roubles (SG 280); 5th anniversary of the October Revolution issue; the values expressed in '1922 roubles' each worth 10,000 times the earlier values

Reference: 1036
Russia registered letter Odessa to Paris 1901

14 kopek blue PS envelope, registered, uprated with Arms issues 1 kopek and 5 kopek, cancelled by s/r cds Odessa 7 March 1901 (Russian calendar); b/s Paris Av. dʼOrléans 24 March 1901

Reference: 996
Russian postal card Odessa to Belgium 1896

4 kopek red on buff PS card cancelled VF s/r cds ODESSA 29 May 1896; light s/r arrival cds ANVERS 13 June 1896; Belgian postman's h/s 57

Reference: 994

Outer wrapper, no text, from Temnikov to St Petersburg May 1960, to the St Petersburg Board of Guardians; sealed with wax seal of Temnikov Zemstvo; s/r cds 26 May 1860; faint strike large s/r cds on front; m/s '4'

Reference: 1017
Russia registered mail Odessa to Kiev 1908

Arms type 2 x 7 kopeks on registered envelope with Odessa registration label, cancelled d/r cds Odessa 24 April 1908; b/s d/r cds MERGOROD 27 April, KIEV 28 April 1908

Reference: 997
Russian printed matter used within Russia 1922

Russian Arms types 1 rouble + 4 kopek on folded typed letter in Russian, unsealed (printed matter rate); from Tamvov 5 August 1922; b/s d/r cds Kersonov 8 August 1922

Reference: 995
Finland 1916 with Russian censor

Finland 2 x 5 p Russian Arms design on commercial envelope from Tavastehus to Avo, 4 August 1915; cancelled with trilingual d/r cds; with red d/r Russian Cyrillic censor h/s Avo(Abo); b/s ABO/Turku roller d/s 5 Aug 1915; small faults to envelope at top do not detract

Reference: 883
Berlin Airlift 1949

Berlin Airlift commemorative issue, Russian Zone General issue on official envelope FDC; from Berlin-Neu Koeln to Hamburg, 23 June 1949; 24pfg overprinted 3rd German People's Congress 29-30 May 1949 (SG R54); no b/s

Reference: 907
Moscow to London 1917 registered

envelope bearing Russian Arms series 4k + 10k on 7k, registered, cancelled with d/r bridged cds Moscow ('antique' lettering); unclear small censor's cachet No 54, on hand made wrapper; on reverse Moscow d/r cds 13 April 1917 (in between the two revolutions); London 'hooded' registered d/s 26 May 1917; blue crayon 217 on front and 13 on reverse; fragile

Reference: 900
Hong Kong Treaty Port Shanghai 1904

tinted PPC of the Naval Engagement at Port Arthur (Russo-Japanese war); franked Hong Kong KEVII 4c black on red; from Shanghai to Manchester 2 May 1904; cancelled with the Treaty Port s/r cds SHANGHAI; nice combination

Reference: 808
Russian Poland 1913

Russian 7 kopek and 3 kopek Arms type issues cancelled d/r cds Lodz 3; to Zwickau, 14 February 1913; registered; b/s Zwickau 1 March 1913

Reference: 807
Austrian POW in Russian Camp

POW card from Austrian soldier in a Russian Camp (stated to be Camp 26) to Pilsen, Austria 3 May 1917; triangular Austrian censor cachet "Zensur Abteiling Wien"; 2 v faint strikes of boxed Russian censor h/s

Reference: 786
Latvia official mail 1865

Printed document in German concerning the German Lutherian Church in Riga dated 16 December 1865; official stampless folded letter to Marienburg cancelled Riga 8(?)December 1865 (note diffeence in Russian and other calendars)

Reference: 822
Latvia official mail 1877

Official folded letter from Riga to the Pastor of the German Lutheran Church Symposium, Wolmar, b/s Riga 11 June 1877, with cachet of the Symposium

Reference: 823
Russian Finland

Russian stamps used in Finland: 15 x 2 kopek gtreen, from Helsinki to Copenhagen 7 August 1915; censor band in Russian, Finnish, and Danish; red censor text h/s; spectacular and rare

Reference: 790
Austria Feldpost card from Samarkand 1914

Austrian feldpost card from Samarkand, Uzbekistan to Vienna 17/30 (double date Russian calendar) December 1914; with Russian censor h/s & red circular German language censor h/s; MS crayon rate notation; unusual point of origin

Reference: 747
WWI German Occupation of Poland Czenstochau

Germania issue oveprinted Russissche Polen 3,5,10,20,50 pfgs, and similar issues overprinted Gen-Gouv Warschaw 2½,7½,15 pfgs (SG 1-5,6, 9, 11) on large brown envelope used within Czenstochau; with Czenstochau violet censor cachet;, no backstamp: philatelic franking but a fine scarce assembly

Reference: 613
Russian Latvia postcard to Brazil 1909

2 x 2 kopek green Rusian small arms type cancelled large letter d/r cds 8 November 1909 Meetava (Mitau) then in Russia (now Jelgava, Latvia); to Parama, Brasil; on postcard of a
rural scene (faults)

Reference: 627
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