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Sweden Coronation cruise 1937

2 different 15 ore portrait issues, cancelled with VF d/r cds 12 March 1937; Goteborg-New York on envelope inscribed "Svenska America Linien 'Kungsholm'" with large cachet 'M.S. Kungsholm¢s Coronation Cruise 1937'; no b/s

Reference: 1106
Norway a beermat sent through the post 1960

'Frydenlund' beermat franked with 90 ore Norwegian stamp (SG 484) of King Olav V; cancelled with d/r cds Oslo, 31 August 1960; presumably sent through the post, to Aberdeen; certainly unusual

Reference: 1105
Denmark parcel card 1993

Danish parcel card 'Bulletin d'Expedition' from Virum to Newcastle, 20 April 1993; franked with 9 copies of 10kr 3 lions arms issue bistre-yellow & 3kr pictorial; cancelled large d/r cds Virim, for a parcel of paper

Reference: 1050
Denmark to England 1945 censored

Denmark King’s Head 40 + 30 definitives cancelled with d/r cds + slogan, airmail, from Copenhagen to London, 29 June 1945; opened and resealed with Danish censor’s tape; tied with s/r crown cachet 249 DANMARK in violet; readdressed to the Nautical College, Pangbourne; no b/s

Reference: 1042
Denmark to Ireland

Denmark 3 x 15o portrait issue + 2 x 20o pictorial, cancelled Copenhagen 20 July 1945, to Dublin; opened by Censors and resealed with censor’s sealing tape by Denmark and Britain; tied with circular cachet crown 377 of Denmark; British 'Opened by Examiner 6936'; no b/s

Reference: 1026
Denmark to Palestine 1940 censored

Airmail envelope franked with 50ore and 1kr King Christian portrait issue (SG 283-4); from Copenhagen to Haifa, Palestine, April 1940; vf hexagon cachet 'Palestine Passed by Censor No 1143'; faint arrival d/s (of addressee) 12 April 1940; m/s note 'last letter received before Nazi occupation'; fine scarce cover

Reference: 976
Mixed franking Norway and Iceland 1966

Norwegian America Line Postcard of Arctic Cruise ship 2 August 1966; m/s BERGENSFJORD; red h/s 'Arctic Exploration Cruises' franked with 35 Norway map of Svalbard (SG 468) cancelled Longyearbyen 6 Aug 1966, and Iceland 10 aur horse (SG 355) cancelled Reykjavik 2 August 1966; with cachet of ship 'on cruise' 6 August 66, to Bergen; signed by master of the ship and the postmaster, attractive combination

Reference: 939
Finland 1916 with Russian censor

Finland 2 x 5 p Russian Arms design on commercial envelope from Tavastehus to Avo, 4 August 1915; cancelled with trilingual d/r cds; with red d/r Russian Cyrillic censor h/s Avo(Abo); b/s ABO/Turku roller d/s 5 Aug 1915; small faults to envelope at top do not detract

Reference: 883
GB 1st Flight England-Scandinavia 1936

GB KGV 2½d on special airmail envelope inscribed 'Opening of the Air Mail Service by British Airways, England-Scandinavia'; from London 17 March 1936, b/s MALMO 17 March 1936

Reference: 905
Austrian Red Cross to Danish POW Agency

Rough paper envelope marked 'Portofrei' in m/s, to the Danish Red Cross POW agency; cancelled with d/r bridged cds Kufstein, Tyrol, 1 April 1917; Red Cross h/s "Freuen-Zweig-Verein/Kufstein"; triangular censor h/s "Zensur Abteillung, Wien"; seal on reverse "Geschlossen von d. Zensur d. GZNB"

Reference: 904
Sweden Postcard to Kiel 1901

PS card 3 ore red cancelled with VF d/r cds Stockholm 3 HOT.4; to Kiel, 26 June 1901; railway d/s PKXP. No 2 A. INR. N. 27 June; d/r bridged arrival cds Kiel 1p 27 June 1901; on reverse superb blue cachet Kaiserlich Deutsches General-Konsulat in Stockholm, fine attractive item

Reference: 860
Denmark to Switzerland 1945 censored

King's Head issue 3x20o +10o on airmail envelope, cancelled Sonderberg 21 July 1945 to Geneva; opened by Danish Censor, with inspection tape sealed by small violet 'Crown 308 Danmark' cachet; no b/s; a neat attractive cover

Reference: 845
German Zonal issue to Sweden

Allied Zone numeral issue 2x2pfg, 8pfg, Workers 2pfg, 6pfg, 25pfg to make 45 pfg rate, on a postcard from Göttingen to Stockholm, cancelled with Göttingen illustrated d/s; no b/s or arrival d/s

Reference: 791
Russian Finland

Russian stamps used in Finland: 15 x 2 kopek gtreen, from Helsinki to Copenhagen 7 August 1915; censor band in Russian, Finnish, and Danish; red censor text h/s; spectacular and rare

Reference: 790
Sweden to UK 1904

2 x 5 ore King's Head cancelled bridge dotted d/r cds Stockholm RG 4, 20 December 1904; arrival duplex 588 Okehampton, re-addressed to Junior Conservative Club, Albermarle Street, London; on fine PPC of musicians and dancers at SKANSEN

Reference: 794
Cannes Film Festival 1946 to Oslo

Cannes Film Festival Air Day; Gandon 2 fr & 15fr cancelled s/r cds 'Festival du Film, Cannes' + boxed cachet 'Cannes Journée de l'Air' with green festival labels, to Oslo, Sweden; h/s "RETUR"; b/s Oslo 29 September and returned to Cannes

Reference: 715
Portugal to Halsingborg 1943 Censored

2 x 1.75 Lusidas cancelled octagonal d/s Correio Aereo Lisboa, on envelope Lisbon to Halsingborg, Sweden 27 January 1943; German "Geöffnet" censor tape tied to envelope with Swastika cachets; inspectors' marks 2213, 2215, 6022 (red) & 62 (blue); on reverse red IV in circle; a spectacular censored cover

Reference: 670
Portugal to Sweden 1941

3 x 1.00 esc Rowland Hill, 2 x 5c, 1 x 40c on business envelope; cancelled d/r bridged cds C.T.T. Lisboa; by air to Göteborg, Sweden 16 August 1941; on reverse German censor tape with swastika cachets; small inspector's h/s 37 in circle and small red boxed 2418; attractive WW2 cover

Reference: 667
Jersey to Copenhagen 1961 returned

GB 3d CEPT issue Jersey to Copenhagen, 19 September 1961 (2nd value lost in transit) cancelled Jersey slogan d/s, to a hotel; m/s "please forward"; cds Kobenhavn 23 Sept & 25 Sept 1961; purple h/s "OMKARTERINGS---/KOBENHAVN" (twice); large green h/s RETOUR and green boxed 'parti'; purple h/s "UNDELIVERED FOR REASON STATED/RETURN TO SENDER" m/s "RETOUR in green with further h/s on reverse

Reference: 623
Argentina to Sweden

7 March 1943, Buenos Ayres to Stockholm. 30c, 40c, 1 peso pictorials on airmail envelope, doubly censored. Opened by censor and resealed with tape; examined by 4921 and similarly examined by 2940; m/s boxed 'Via New York Europa'; no b/s but an unusual wartime destination & routing

Reference: 584
Denmark 1940 Censored to Finland

11 October 1940 15 øre overprinted 20 (SG 320) bridged s/r cds København OmK6 to Helsinki, Danish censor's tape Kontroleret P- og T 1 Danmark with red P&T cachet, from the period of the "Winter War", commercial & scarce

Reference: 569
Sweden 1945 Red Cross censored to GB

20 July 1945 King's Head issues 5, 2 x 10, 15 øre + 20 øre Red Cross commemorative, cancelled Stockholm machine d/s, opened by Censor & resealed with PC90 tape Examiner 1293, & added in MS 2055, airmail to Middlesbrough, no b/s, attractive immediate post war item

Reference: 568

Posthorn design 5 x 1, 5 x 2, 5 x 3 øre + 10 & 20 øre (total 60 øre) cancelled with Oslo slogan d/s to Liverpool 13 December 1951(?) with added Norway Red Cross label, no b/s; a spectacular franking

Reference: 510

King's head issues 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8aur + 1kr & 7 + 35aur pictorials (total 1kr 69aur) (SG 116-18, 120-21, 129, 132, 151, 154) cancelled Isafjördur d/r bridged cds; registered label, Isafjördur to Chemnitz 7 January 1930, spectacular franking but a front only

Reference: 509

12 øre blue (SG8) used alone on illustrated trade letterhead Norrkoping to Ronneby(?)18 September 1865; a neat attractive cover, a filing fold just touches stamp

Reference: 508
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