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10 August 1915| crowned POW censor cachet - CHEMNITZ, overprinted Geprüft Gefangenenlager Chemnitz, cancelled with blue cross; d/r bridged cds Ebersdorf bz Chemnitz 23 August 1915; h/s 'Kriegsgefangenen-Sendung ...frei', h/s 'Bureau de secours aux prisonniers de guerre BERNE, Comité de Bâle': message on reverse with questions to the POW, with answers in pencil; fascinating mini-piece of history

Reference: 1283

Italy 10c PS card cancelled 'Posta Militare No 97' 10 March 1918, from Genoa (?) to Switzerland ; b/s black Censor's h/s '37 Verificato Per Censura' & red h/s 'Milano Posta Estera'; from a soldier in the 10th battalion (?); a nice combination

Reference: 1240

60c sitting Helvetia (cat. £225 in 2013)  a rare stamp on envelope, but damaged before use: d/r cds Luzern, black PD; French cachet d’entrée SUISSE ST LOUIS 19 Sept 1865; b/s Basel 17 September, Abergavenny 20 Sept 1865; the envelope has some defects but a very uncommon usage with stamp used alone for the rate

Reference: 1220

8 definitives inc. 2 'Tell' issues cancelled with red d/r bridged cds "WINTERALPENPOST, JULIERPASS" 4 November 1934, to Basel; black d/r cds Chur 4.11, St Moritz 5.11"; registered, black h/s "Julierpass-Autofahrten / wegen Unwetter um / einige Tage verschoben"; unclear faint b/s

Reference: 1188

Envelope to a German interned in Switzerland; GB KGVI 2½d cancelled d/r cds Rotherham, 8 April 1944; censored by British 'Opened by Examiner 3204' tape and German with "Geöffnet" sealing tape with Swastika cachet; Swiss 'Zuzustellen /Fieldpostdirektion' & No 315); arrival d/s after forwarding 19 July 1944, with the original letter

Reference: 1187
Switzerland Ammannsegg 1940

5c small definitive with added charity label "INTERNEMENT SUISSE 1940", both cancelled CAMP MILITAIRE D"INTERNÉMENT SUISSE - AMMANNSEGG"; internment camp souvenir card

Reference: 1152
Italian internee in Switzerland 1941

Military internment envelope from Berne Schönbühl to Zurich with PORTOFREI cachet; c1941; from an interned Italian soldier; h/s 822; no b/s

Reference: 1002
South Africa Wynberg to Switzerland 1917

1/2d green + 2 x 1d (SG 3 and 4) on envelope from Wynberg, Cape to Bern, Switzerland; opened and resealed with bilingual 'Opened by Censor' label in red and a s/r 'Passed by Censor C.14' cachet; b/s Berne 5 August 1917

Reference: 1006
Italian internee in Switzerland 1942

Military internment envelope with cachet CAMP MILITAIRE d'INTERNEMENT BUSSWIL; undated but c1942; to Zurich; from an Italian citizen; h/s 365; no b/s; on reverse trilingual Swiss censor label

Reference: 1005
Italian internee in Switzerland 1942

Military internment envelope with cachet CAMP MILITAIRE d'INTERNEMENT FRIBOURG FRANK DE PORT; undated, but c1942; to Geneva; from an Italian internee; h/s 315; no b/s

Reference: 1004
Italian internee in Switzerland 1941

Military internment envelope used within Berne, c1941, with d/r PORTOFREI cachet for an interned Italian citizen; h/s 315; incomplete b/s undated

Reference: 1003
Switzerland censored Postcard to GB 1945

2 x 10c Peace issue (SG 448) on PPC of Geneva cancelled with illustrated 'STATIONS THERMALES' slogan d/s; British red hexagon censor crowned cachet 'passed P27', scarce use on postcard

Reference: 916
Switzerland registered packet to Chicago

Swiss International Bodies issue (SG 352-3) cancelled Luzern d/r bridged cds; to Chicago, 29 Sept 1938; registered green label 'Duty Free Postage Stamps for Collections', 'May be opened for US Customs Inspection'; violet h/s 'Passed by US Customs Bureau Chicago'; h/s 'Letter Package' with 'Collect Ten Cents' crossed out; b/s Chicago registered cds 10 October 1938, unusual combination of marks

Reference: 877
Switzerland to New York

10c & 15c William Tell issues cancelled d/r bridged cds; from Bulle to New York, 11 July 1918; French censor's tape 'Controle Postal Militaire' tied with oval 'Ouvert' h/s No 202 and cachet '140'; no b/s; faults to envelope but nice strikes

Reference: 811
Switzerland to New York

25c 'Helvetia' definitive cancelled d/r bridged cds 'GENEVE 10 SUCC. FUSTERIE'; to New York, 11 December 1916; French censor's sealing tape tied by censor's 'Ouvert' cachet No 202; no b/s

Reference: 810
Germany Airmail to Switzerland 1941 censored

Hindenburg portrait issue 10pfg + 25pfg cancelled Berlin SW 12 bridged d/r cds 18 July 1941; wartime airmail to Lausanne, Switzerland; German censor's sealing tape tied with red swastika cachets; no arrival b/s; minor faults to envelope

Reference: 842
Mexico Olympics Swiss Gymnastics Team 1968

Olympic issue 20c, 40c, 50c, 80c, $1 on large PPC of the Swiss Gymanastics Team at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, with signatures of all the members (14, of which 12 are in the picture), by Airmail; 19 October 1968 from Mexico to Bern

Reference: 832
Italy registered express envelope to Berne

Definitve issue 3 x 5 lire + 5 x 10 lire for a 65 lire registered express rate, to Berne, cancelled GENOVA No. 14 d/r bridged cds 14 July 1947; black on pale plue ESPRESSO label + red Swiss tri-lingual Express h/s; b/s Milan 15 July & Bern-Hindelbank 16 July 1947; small faults to envelope

Reference: 732
UN Office Geneva 1954

European Office of the UN Geneva 25c, 30c, 35c, 40c, 50c (SG LU5-LU9) all overprinted for the UN European Office; cancelled GENEVE 10 / Nations Unies 1 November 1954; airmail to WHO, New York; h/s boxed 'ECOV' |(meaning?) no b/s;

Reference: 724
UN Geneva Office 1954

European Office of the UN, Geneva, 5c 10c 15c 20c 60c 70c (SG LU1-4, 10-11) all overprinted for the UN European Office, to the WHO in New York; cancelled GENEVE 10 / NATIONS UNIES 1 November 1954; h/s boxed 'ECOV' (what does this mean?); no b/s

Reference: 723
Switzerland insured mail

Switzerland Helvetia definitives 3 x 1fr, 5c, 30c cancelled Lugano/Lettre on large orange envelope, Lugano to Hereford 24 October 1911: registered with red 'Insured/Valeur Déclarée' label & m/s "Valeur Declarée francs 2500"; with faint red registered date stamp 24 Oct 1911; a lovely franking

Reference: 637
Italy registered Monza to Lucerne 1915

5 August 1915 Monza/Milano to Lucerne; Victor Emmanuel 5 x 15c + 40c cancelled Monza/Milano; MS 'Stampati / Azzicurati per L40', to the stamp dealer Bela Szekula (Villa Filatelica); various b/s 6-8 August & Luzern 9 Aug 2015

Reference: 597
Italy registered to Lucern 1915

registered envelope to the stamp dealer Bela Szekula, Victor Emmanuel 25c + 3 x 50c cancelled Siracusa (accettazre raccamandate), h/s 'BOLOGNA POSTE ESTERA' with similar cds on reverse, also b/s Luzern 8 July; faults to envelope

Reference: 596
Italy to Switzerland 1915 Censored

8 September 1915 Pistoia to Lucerne Italy, Victor Emmanuel 2 x 25c, 15c, 2 x 5c on registered envelope to the stamp dealer Bela Szekula, censor h/s VERIFICATO PER CENSURA (15) & censor tape tied on reverse Bologna 10.9.15: h/s 'BOLOGNA POSTE ESTERA', b/s Luzern 12.9.15

Reference: 595
Switzerland censored cover to London 1942

registered airmail envelope franked with 80c pictorial cancelled 2 November 1942 Zurich Annahme Amt, sealed with British PC90 label inscribed 'opened by censor 552', to Royal Mail Lines London, clean attractive cover

Reference: 578
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