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Letter sent during the GB postal strike, 10 Feb 1971; franked with France 0.50 Bequet, cancelled Le Havre slogan d/s; large 'Rowland Hill' Export Letter Service yellow label cancelled with red h/s 'By Export Letter Service Southampton' and tied with d/r cds 'The Great Post Office Strike' Jan 20

Reference: 1251

Letter sent during the GB postal strike, 15 Feb 1971; franked with France 0.50 Bequet, cancelled Calais; 15p red and 20p green 'Export Letter Service' labels; tied with boxed h/s 'Flown by Hovercraft, Ramsgate'; partial m/c b/s

Reference: 1250

A Rhodesian stamp in the UDI era; cancelled 14 April 1970; stamp not valid, thus 1/2d postage due charged; GB postage due stamps 4d, 4 x 2d, 2 x 1d; cancelled Kenilworth 9 May 1970; front only but useful item

Reference: 1249

Public Record Office receipt for an uncertified copy P/A 334, charged at £1/19/6 with KGVI fiscal stamps of the Public Record Office, £1, 3 x 5/-, 2/6, 1/-, 2 x 6d, making up the charge, all cancelled with oval d/s; a lovely example

Reference: 1176
GB 1971 Postal Strike to Holland via Belgium

British postal strike mail with 'Export Letter Service' stamp and boxed h/s 'flown by hovercraft, Ramsgate'; Belgian 3fr 50 cancelled Brussels; with 'received' h/s

Reference: 1108
GB registered letter specimen

Overseas registered letter imprinted with 6d brownish mauve embossed stamp overprinted 'School Specimen': inscribed 'G2 size envelope'; unused as new (NSB)

Reference: 1093
GB 1971 Postal Strike Hovercraft mail

'Exporters Letter Service' 4/- strike post label black on blue; cancelled with boxed cachet 'flown by Hovercraft Ramsgate', to Amsterdam; franked with French 0.50c type Bequet definitive

Reference: 1046
GB 'Compac' FDC to British Columbia

7 copies of the Compac Cable stamp (SG 645), including block of 4, on envelope from Yeovil 3 December 1963 to Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada; unusual FDC, by airmail

Reference: 1031
GB Postal Strike

Window envelope used during the GB Postal Strike; inscribed "POSTHASTE...Shepherds Mkt (London) W1"; VF blue single ring cachet 'Post Haste London 11 Feb 1971' + d/r cds "Chelsea 11.2.1971"; minor fault to envelope (NSB)

Reference: 1030
National Trust Labels on Tintagel Card

PPC of Old Post Office, Tintagel, Cornwall franked with 4 fine National Trust 'stamps' 1p, 3p, 5p, 10p; cancelled by large s/r cds THE OLD POST OFFICE, TINTAGEL

Reference: 935
GB House of Lords 1963

2½d Wilding cancelled VF d/r cds "House of Lords SW1 1", 4 October 1963; to a Government Minister Sir Keith Joseph, Whitehall

Reference: 983
GPO used by FPO Germany 1957

QE2 Wilding ½d orange x 5; cancelled Field Post Office 414, then at Wilhemshaven; to Catford, London, 18 January 1957; m/s 'Forces Airmail'; no b/s; nice neat franking

Reference: 982
QEII 26p Falmouth to Falmouth Transatlantic

26p Machin on PPC of Falmouth, Cornwall to Falmouth, Mass, USA, 2 July 1984; with large cachet "This Piece of Mail delayed due to incorrect zip code; please notify...." in violet; nice clear example and not often seen

Reference: 963
GB Meter mark and Slogan 1986

d/r cds Worcester 17 Meter mark and slogan to Droitwich 14 May 1986, with red slogan 'Look After Yourself – Quit Smoking' plus large boxed red h/s "Franking Me with an Incorrect Date has made it Appear that I have Arrived Late, date posted 15 May"; no b/s, unusual

Reference: 944
GB Postal Strike 1971 Budleigh-Salterton

Postal strike stamp inscribed 'Postage Paid 6d (2½p) cancelled with fine cds 'During the National Postal Strike - the post… Raleigh Stamp Postal Service 19 Feb 71', on a local letter in Budleigh Salterton; scarce 'stamp' slight faults to envelope

Reference: 829
GB Postal Strike 1971 to New Zealand

1971 Postal Strike 'Special Courier mail from UK' label, 'New Zealand Courier'; cancelled 'Special Courier Mail, B & K Ealing Postal Office' 7 March 1971; New Zealand 4c moth stamp cancelled Auckland 19 March 1971; no b/s

Reference: 847
GB postal strike 1971

Commercial use of postal strike carrier service; letter from Coventry to Chiswick, London on 2? February 1971 bearing private label of 'Loadrunner Transport Services Ltd, Coventry, Inland Post 2/-'; no b/s

Reference: 828
GB Postal Strike January 1971 FDC

Postal Strike Mail souvenir FDC with JFK 2/- "stamp" cancelled PRIVATE MAIL, 20 January 1971 in blue, London to Hendon

Reference: 708
GB to Azores 1971

GB Machin 5p violet on plain envelope from Huddersfield to Ponta Delgada, Azores; h/s Ausente/Parti boxed h/s (also on reverse); h/s "RETOUR À L'ENVOYEUR/DEVOLVIGO AO REMETENTE"; h/s "UNDELIVERED FOR REASON STATED/RETURN TO SENDER"; red h/s "O NAVIO NÃO SE ENCONTRA NEM É ESPERADO NESTE PORTO"; b/s Correios Ponta Delgada 24 July 1971

Reference: 697
Postard from ship at Gibraltar to UK with postage due

Strip 4 GB QEII Wilding ½d orange on PPC of P&O ship 'Chusan', cancelled with post office triangle cachet I.S.(Inland Service); double ring cds Gibraltar 19 May 1956; GB Postage Due h/s in Green 2d I.S.T and black T; m/s "Posted SS Chusan Gibraltar 18.3.56"; to Carshalton, Surrey

Reference: 621
Jersey to Copenhagen 1961 returned

GB 3d CEPT issue Jersey to Copenhagen, 19 September 1961 (2nd value lost in transit) cancelled Jersey slogan d/s, to a hotel; m/s "please forward"; cds Kobenhavn 23 Sept & 25 Sept 1961; purple h/s "OMKARTERINGS---/KOBENHAVN" (twice); large green h/s RETOUR and green boxed 'parti'; purple h/s "UNDELIVERED FOR REASON STATED/RETURN TO SENDER" m/s "RETOUR in green with further h/s on reverse

Reference: 623
B.E.A Airletter Stamps

GB 2½ Coronation (SG 532) on long envelope with added British European Airways "stamps" 1/9d, 1/2d, 8d cancelled with boxed "Waterloo Air Terminal" 25 November 1943, to British European Airways, Birmingham. with small added h/s "To Be Posted on Arrival". m/s on reverse states "flown in by helicopter".

Reference: 614
British Postal Strike February 1971 commercial cover

GB DL size envelope with Postal Strike label inscribed 'R.& R.S. G.P.C. approved Special Post Feb 1971', 1/-(?) crossed out and 10p added (during the current currency change), black on pale yellow, cancelled by h/s 'Research & Recruitment Services, 132 Great Portland Street, London W1' 26 Feb 1971, to London EC2: seems as genuine as any are

Reference: 566
GB £1 Wedgwood booklet

GB sponsored booklet "The Story of Wedgwood"(SG DX1) complete with all pages and including the scarce ½p 1 side band; perforations mostly good, neat clean copy, cat £75+

Reference: 565

Large piece franked with postage dues, 9 x £5, 7 x 20p, 50p, 5p, 3p, all uncancelled but with a 'soft packet' Keighley d/s alongside; used as a receipt for a parcel charged £46.98; nice unusual use of postage dues

Reference: 526
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