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150p, 500p pictorials (SG 267, 274) 2nd anniversary of independence issue; cancelled s/r bilingual cds Beyrouth 15 May 1944; no arrival b/s; scarce stamps on cover

Reference: 1286

25p, 50p, 200p pictorials (SG 265, 266, 268) the 2nd anniversary of independence issue; cancelled s/r bi-lingual cds Beyrouth 15 May 1944; no arrival b/s; scarce stamps on cover

Reference: 1285
Syria airmail surcharges 1924

Registered envelope franked with Syria Merson type Airmail issues, 4 values; cancelled d/r bridge cds DAMAS (Damascus) 25 December 1924; on reverse BAGDAD (spelt thus) d/r registered d/s; PORT SAID s/r bridged cds 5 Jan 25, CAIRO s/r bridged cds 5 Jan 25; stamps have a catalogue value of £70+ as used singles

Reference: 1211
Egypt prepaid 1935

Unstamped envelope franked with red crowned cachet "Egypt Postage Prepaid 17" with s/r cds M.P.O. ALEXANDRIA 17 February 1935; on reverse red "British Forces in Egypt" 1 piastre letter stamp; cancelled with a Retta diamond h/s

Reference: 1208

Continental Savoy Cairo (Hotel) envelope franked with Farouk 5 mils & 10 mils cancelled with bilingual Hotel cds; Egyptian bilingual censor tape 'Opened by Censor Egyptian Censorship' and small double circle 'censorship Dept 16 (or 91)' h/s on front;  pink bilingual Irish censor label  'Opened by Censor 147' : an unusual double censorship combination

Reference: 1172
Egypt to UK 1940 censored

Block of nine 5 mils King's Head cancelled by bilingual bridged s/r cds Cairo, 15 June 1940, to London; sealed by Egyptian censor's tape 'Opened by Censor' & violet small box bilingual censor h/s '4'; b/s Cairo m/c d/s

Reference: 1143
Egypt to UK 1940 censored

King's Head 5 mils, 10 mils, 4 x 15 mils, 13 mils + 30 mils airmail pictorial, all cancelled bilingual s/r bridged cds Alexandria 16 January 1940 to London; m/s "Imperial Airways" and h/s "English language"; red circular censor's h/s 'M'; no b/s; attractive franking

Reference: 1142
France used abroad Smyrna 1865

10c and 40c Napoleon perforated issues; cancelled GC 5098, 26 July 1865, at Smyrna, outer wrapper only; red PD, blue h/s 'POSTE FRANCAISE D'ALEP' (struck as an arrival cachet rather than the usual mark of origin); no b/s; probably via the Paquebot 'Euphrate' which left Smyrna 16 July 1865 & arrived Alexandretta 30 July 1865

Reference: 1138
GB from Base Army to London 1943

6 x KGVI 3d + 2 x 1d all cancelled BASE ARMY POST OFFICE 4 (then in Egypt) airmail; sealed with censor¢s tape "Opened by Censor PC22" in red; tied by small diamond cachet 8 (front and back); 1/8d rate

Reference: 1116
East Germany Egypt Relief fund 1957

'Help Egypt' surcharge; Egypt relief fund block of 4 (E293) on stamp fair commemorative card, illustrated; cancelled with special Berlin-Lieffenberg cachet 3 March 1957; no message, unposted

Reference: 1107
Syria Free French censor to GB 1944

Syria 20pi portrait issue; opened and resealed with tape with the Free French Forces cachet and British "Opened by Censor" tape 'No 5726'; from Aleppo to Silsden, Yorkshire, 4 Jan 1944; small h/s 12, scarce censor combination

Reference: 1099
Jordan multi-franked envelope from Amman 1950

Portrait issue 5 x 1 mil, 3 x 5 mil, 2 x 5 mil (SG T267, 222, 226) plus the obligatory taxe stamp; cancelled bilingual bridged cds Amman 19 July 1950; on illustrated business envelope to London; no visible b/s, a nice franking

Reference: 1094
1917 propaganda card (British soldier & Turk)

Privately printed satirical greetings card, 1917, showing British soldier fighting a Turk against a map of Ottoman Arabia and the Persian Gulf, showing the British Post offices; probably rare, NSB; minor corner fault

Reference: 1092
British Levant 40 paras registered envelope unused

GB KEVII 2d + 1d registered envelope, larger format, overprinted REGn.FEE.40 paras.; fine unused, slight 'patterning' on the flap

Reference: 1001
British Levant Smyrna to London 1910

GB KEVII 1d PS card overprinted LEVANT cancelled by VF s/r cds BRITISH POST OFFICE SMYRNA 16 JUNE 1910, to London; sent as a birthday card: a neat example of the card and cancellation

Reference: 1000
French Post Office in Levant with BOITE MOBILE h/s

10c black Type Sage cancelled with d/r cds Smyrne Turquie d'Asie 13 August 1900, to Marseille; on Pompeii Casa dei Vettii Postcard (blue background series), oval maritime cachet BM (boîte mobile)

Reference: 992
Turkey PS card Smyrna to Germany 1897

Turkish 20p PS card cancelled with VF barred oval h/s SMYRNE, with bi-lingual d/r cds 20 September 1897; German d/r bridged arrival cds BARMEN 26 September 1897

Reference: 990
French Post Office in Smyrna to Belgium registered 1921

France 2 x 5c Sower + 2 x 50c Merson on envelope registered with label (T&P 528) from French Post Offices in Levant, h/s 'Recommendéé'; cancelled with military s/r cds Tresor et Postes 928, 8 February 1921, from Bank of Athens Smyrna (label on reverse; b/s s/r cds Charleroi 11 Feb 1921

Reference: 991
Austrian Levant Smyrna to Brussels 1898

Austrian Levant 1 piaster on 10c portrait issue cancelled s/r cds SMYRNA OESTERREICHISCHE POST 8 November 1898; b/s Brussels 13 Nov 1898

Reference: 989
Denmark to Palestine 1940 censored

Airmail envelope franked with 50ore and 1kr King Christian portrait issue (SG 283-4); from Copenhagen to Haifa, Palestine, April 1940; vf hexagon cachet 'Palestine Passed by Censor No 1143'; faint arrival d/s (of addressee) 12 April 1940; m/s note 'last letter received before Nazi occupation'; fine scarce cover

Reference: 976
Egypt 1954 to Bradford

Egypt 20 mils soldier, 30 mils pictorial, 2 mils blocked Farouk's head, on lightweight airmail envelope from Cairo to Bradford, cancelled with bi-lingual cds 3 December 1954; Arabic censor tape sealed with Arabic cachet, under and over tape; no arrival b/s; era of the conflict with Israel

Reference: 938
Egypt Hotel Post 1956

Aeroplane over Pyramids 8 mils, 20 mils Airmails, cancelled bi-lingual bridged s/r cds, on Heliopolis House Hotel envelope, from the hotel in Cairo to London, 22 August 1935; no b/s; minor faults to envelope

Reference: 909
Egypt to Hull with 'Retta' cancel censored 1946

Farouk 1 mil and 6 mils on defective envelope, cancelled by bilingual bridged cds, plus 10 mils Aeroplane over Pyramids airmail stamp cancelled by diamond 'Retta' h/s, from Alexandra to Hull 7 November 1946, with Egyptian censor's sealing tape & red bi-lingual diamond censor h/s No 72; age faults but a scarce combination

Reference: 882
Egypt railways envelope with official stamp 1937

Large wrapper inscribed "Publicity Department Egyptian State Railways, Telegraphs and Telephones, Cairo Station"; franked with corner marginal 15 mills brown official stamp, cancelled Cairo c1937-8, to London

Reference: 871
Egypt to UK British FPO datestamp 1941

Egypt 3 x 1 mil, 2 mils, 15 mils, 30 mils all cancelled Field Post Office 188 from Zamaley to Whitchurch, Hants, 21 January 1941; boxed violet 'Passed Unit Censor 32' cachet; no b/s

Reference: 861
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