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Egypt prepaid 1935

Unstamped envelope franked with red crowned cachet "Egypt Postage Prepaid 17" with s/r cds M.P.O. ALEXANDRIA 17 February 1935; on reverse red "British Forces in Egypt" 1 piastre letter stamp; cancelled with a Retta diamond h/s

Reference: 1208

Continental Savoy Cairo (Hotel) envelope franked with Farouk 5 mils & 10 mils cancelled with bilingual Hotel cds; Egyptian bilingual censor tape 'Opened by Censor Egyptian Censorship' and small double circle 'censorship Dept 16 (or 91)' h/s on front;  pink bilingual Irish censor label  'Opened by Censor 147' : an unusual double censorship combination

Reference: 1172
Egypt to UK 1940 censored

Block of nine 5 mils King's Head cancelled by bilingual bridged s/r cds Cairo, 15 June 1940, to London; sealed by Egyptian censor's tape 'Opened by Censor' & violet small box bilingual censor h/s '4'; b/s Cairo m/c d/s

Reference: 1143
Egypt to UK 1940 censored

King's Head 5 mils, 10 mils, 4 x 15 mils, 13 mils + 30 mils airmail pictorial, all cancelled bilingual s/r bridged cds Alexandria 16 January 1940 to London; m/s "Imperial Airways" and h/s "English language"; red circular censor's h/s 'M'; no b/s; attractive franking

Reference: 1142
GB from Base Army to London 1943

6 x KGVI 3d + 2 x 1d all cancelled BASE ARMY POST OFFICE 4 (then in Egypt) airmail; sealed with censor¢s tape "Opened by Censor PC22" in red; tied by small diamond cachet 8 (front and back); 1/8d rate

Reference: 1116
East Germany Egypt Relief fund 1957

'Help Egypt' surcharge; Egypt relief fund block of 4 (E293) on stamp fair commemorative card, illustrated; cancelled with special Berlin-Lieffenberg cachet 3 March 1957; no message, unposted

Reference: 1107
Egypt 1954 to Bradford

Egypt 20 mils soldier, 30 mils pictorial, 2 mils blocked Farouk's head, on lightweight airmail envelope from Cairo to Bradford, cancelled with bi-lingual cds 3 December 1954; Arabic censor tape sealed with Arabic cachet, under and over tape; no arrival b/s; era of the conflict with Israel

Reference: 938
Egypt Hotel Post 1956

Aeroplane over Pyramids 8 mils, 20 mils Airmails, cancelled bi-lingual bridged s/r cds, on Heliopolis House Hotel envelope, from the hotel in Cairo to London, 22 August 1935; no b/s; minor faults to envelope

Reference: 909
Egypt to Hull with 'Retta' cancel censored 1946

Farouk 1 mil and 6 mils on defective envelope, cancelled by bilingual bridged cds, plus 10 mils Aeroplane over Pyramids airmail stamp cancelled by diamond 'Retta' h/s, from Alexandra to Hull 7 November 1946, with Egyptian censor's sealing tape & red bi-lingual diamond censor h/s No 72; age faults but a scarce combination

Reference: 882
Egypt railways envelope with official stamp 1937

Large wrapper inscribed "Publicity Department Egyptian State Railways, Telegraphs and Telephones, Cairo Station"; franked with corner marginal 15 mills brown official stamp, cancelled Cairo c1937-8, to London

Reference: 871
Egypt to UK British FPO datestamp 1941

Egypt 3 x 1 mil, 2 mils, 15 mils, 30 mils all cancelled Field Post Office 188 from Zamaley to Whitchurch, Hants, 21 January 1941; boxed violet 'Passed Unit Censor 32' cachet; no b/s

Reference: 861
Egypt leave certificate 1901

Leave of absence certificate for a military civilian helper ('Sirdar's typewriter') from 6 August to 6 October 1901; signed by Mudir of the Province, Cairo; some faults but rarely seen

Reference: 849
RAF in Egypt FPO 190 to Argentine 1951

2 mils, 10 mils, 50 mils definitive issue on airmail envelope, cancelled Field Post Office 190 (Egypt) 20 November 1951; Egyptian censor cachet and sorter's diamond h/s; on reverse ROSARIO ARGENTINA roller d/s; m/s 'from RAF Shallufa MEAF 16

Reference: 781
Egypt to London 1916 censored

PPC "On Active Service" cancelled FPO 1.Y, BAPO T (Port Said) 30 March 1916; large oval cachet "B" Battery HAC (Hon Artillery Co); red boxed censor No 218; on PPC of Native Street in Cairo; scarce FPO at this date, nice combination

Reference: 686
Military Mail from Egypt

3mms green Egypt Military frank stamp (SG A12) cancelled Field Post Office 188 on envelope Egypt to Harrogate, neat boxed censor h/s 'Passed by Unit Censor 18' no b/s

Reference: 616

2 x 2 mills orange, 2 x 10 mills violet + 30 mills grey green cancelled with bi-lingual bridged cds Bab el Lud to Haifa 5 May 1945, MS 'Recommendée' & registration label + MS 89 in blue crayon; large double ring cachet RM (censor?) & sealing tape 'opened by Censor' red on white, tied front and back with hexagon censor cachet 'Palestine Passed by Censor H4' & h/s code 007204; b/s Cairo 5 May 1945, registered Haifa 14 May 1945: opened roughly at top but a nice 'busy' cover

Reference: 515

Envelope from Cairo to Bridgwater with large red cachet 'Egypt Postage Prepaid 23'; Cairo bridged cds M.P.O.Cairo 23 May 1935; on reverse British Forces in Egypt green Letter Stamp 1 piastre seal (corner fault) cancelled by blurred 'retta' obliterator; nice combination with some faults

Reference: 442

Illustrated 75th Anniversary of UPU 1874-1949 Envelope, franked with a London WC2 2½d Meter Mark 23 May 1950, to Cairo, with Egyptian inspector's mark (Censor?; unusual combination

Reference: 432

Farouk issue 6 x 1 mil & 2 x 6 mils + on reverse 4 x 1 mil, cancelled with bilingual cds (Sha Gaber?) 10 October 1942; opened for inspection & resealed with tape inscribed bilingual 'Egyptian Censorship Opened by Censor'; bilingual hexagon 'Passed Censor' & large boxed violet bilingual h/s 'Not Examined Iraq Censorship'; b/s Cairo 16 October 1942, Baghdad 27 October 1943; some faults to envelope but a good combination

Reference: 431

Farouk 5 mils + 10 mils definitives cancelled bilingual Port Said cds; 'Opened by Censor' red on white label over red Egyptian bilingual cachet 'Censorship Dept M'; boxed 'Passed by Censor V61' in blue (Australian?), MS 'English'; no b/s; from Lloyds Triestino, Port Said; some envelope faults (which look worse in the scan than in reality!);

Reference: 426

Spanish 10c, 15c, 50c definitives cancelled with Barcelona roller datestamp; Egyptian Arabic Inspector's mark (censor?)' on reverse a large publicity label for the Internatiional Stamp Exhibition San Sebastian 1948

Reference: 425

South Africa 1d & 2d 'bantam' issues, cancelled Cape Town m/c d/s 'Post Early' 18 January 1944 on small envelope; Censored in S. Africa with sealing tape, re-opened & re-sealed with Egyptian bilingual tape 'Opened by Censor, Egyptian Censorship' tied on reverse with small cachet; b/s Cairo 21 March 1944 & Cankaya (Turkey) 10 April 1944; also with V fine bi-lingual Egyptian circled octagon cachet 'Postal Censor' in violet; a fine & unusual combination

Reference: 404

3 x 5 mils + 8 x 1 mil King Farouk on envelope addressed in Arabic only to Beyrouth, cancelled bi-lingual cds Cairo 9 November 1942; boxed Egyptian 'Postal Censor' cachet in violet, & sealing label with bi-lingual inscription 'Opened by Censor Egyptian Censorship' tied by small cachet on reverse; Free French circular Censor h/s C+P in violet; bilingual Beyrouth machine cancel on reverse 17 December 1942: a lovely combination

Reference: 403

4 pictorials & 2 airmail issues on airmail envelope cancelled 'ÐËÁÔÅÉÁ ÓÕÍÔÁÃÌÁÔÏÓ ÁÅÑÏÐÏÑÉÊÙÓ' d/r cds 19 March 1941; Greek censor sealing tape inscribed 'ÅËËÇÍÉÊÇ ËÏÃÏÊÑÉÓÉÁ'
& void circular h/s front & reverse; bi-lingual Egyptian censor cachet 'Censorship Dept M' on reverse & Cairo slogan datestamp 25 March 1941; fine attractive cover

Reference: 402

4 pictorials & 2 airmail issues on lightweight envelope cancelled 'ÐËÁÔÅÉÁ ÓÕÍÔÁÃÌÁÔÏÓ ÁÅÑÏÐÏÑÉÊÙÓ' d/r cds 12 December 1940; Greek censor sealing tape inscribed '¸ëëÞíéêç Ëïãïêñéóéá' & void circular h/s; faint bi-lingual Egyptian censor cachet 'Censorship Dept M' on reverse; fine attractive cover

Reference: 401
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