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Day of the Stamp 1943, special sheetlet by the Federation of French Philatelic Societies (in carte-letter format); franked with 1fr 50 Pétain cancelled with special cachet

Reference: 1218

5 pictorials all cancelled with hexagon d/s Paris 25 June 1937 'EXPon PHILque. INTale AVION' (SG 576–80, good values used); b/s Paris Avion 25 June 1937; a "Wilson" cover

Reference: 1217

Philatelic Exhibition 1937 official envelope franked with 2 x 1937 Railway Congress 30c (SG 572) + 30c Mermoz (SG570) cancelled with hexagonal d/s for the exhibition (Avion); 2 Lyon b/s

Reference: 1216

Angers Philatelic Exhibition 1946 illustrated envelope franked with 1fr50 Cérès cancelled with special cachet: also with poster stamp for the exhibition cancelled in red 'transporté par Montgolfière + h/s "Montgolfière accidentée'



Reference: 1215

7th Philatelic Exhibition Mamers 24 April 1938, special illustrated card with (pre-cancelled) poster stamp added, franked with 30c Sower cancelled with the exhibition cds

Reference: 1214
France 2 x 5 francs Type Sage

Type Sage 5fr mauve on pale lilac horizontal pair on part front only of official envelope, inscribed CONGRÈS INTERNATIONAUX & with large blue h/s "Ministère du Commerce des Industries/des Postes et des Télégraphs/Exposition Universelle du 1903"; cds PARIS EXPOSITION RAPP 3 August 1903 (3); RR on cover; has been sold previously for 500 euros

Reference: 1147
France UN General Assembly Paris 1951

France 1951 UN issue 30 fr + 2 x 18fr & 10fr 'Gandon' (76 fr) on airmail envelope from Paris to Jamaica, New York , cancelled with VF strikes of the s/r cds 'Nations Unies Assemblee G.ale. Paris' 6 December 1951; small inspector's mark "3" in circle; no b/s

Reference: 985
Austria commemorative card 1909

5 Heller green on buff commemorative PS card with illustration of the Battle of Aspern (May 1809) on the obverse; pre-cancelled with the Battle Centenary Exhibition special d/s, Vienna 22 May 1909

Reference: 819
RPSL Red Cross Fund envelope

Stamp centenary ½d, 1d, ½d cancelled with large red cds with Red Cross symbol, on illustrated envelope of the Royal Philatelic Society Centenary Exhibition, in aid of the Red Cross and St John Fund, special FDC; on reverse an imprint of a penny black;

Reference: 736
France Film Festival 1946 to Warsaw

Cannes Film Festival Air Day; Gandon 2fr and 15fr cancelled s/r cds 'Festival du Film, Cannes', with green festival labels and boxed cachet, to Warsaw Poland 22 September 1946; s/r cds Warszawa 10 October 1948; b/s Warsaw 2 28 September 1948; and a 2nd light Warsaw d/s; presumably returned

Reference: 716
Cannes Film Festival 1946 to Oslo

Cannes Film Festival Air Day; Gandon 2 fr & 15fr cancelled s/r cds 'Festival du Film, Cannes' + boxed cachet 'Cannes Journée de l'Air' with green festival labels, to Oslo, Sweden; h/s "RETUR"; b/s Oslo 29 September and returned to Cannes

Reference: 715
German International Motor Show

Germany 6+4pfg, 12+8pfg, 25+15pfg (SG 574-6)commemorative issue for the International Motor Show, Berlin, 1939; on souvenir card with imprint on reverse of the Dresdner Bank, Berlin & the Länderbank, Vienna; a neat clean item

Reference: 690
GB KGV 1d on Stamp Exhibition card 1912

GB KGV 1d on a special 'stamp' postcard, from a stamp dealer (W.T.Wilson) with a stand at the Jubilee International Stamp Exhibition, London 1912, held at the Royal Horticultural Hall, with the special cancellation for the event 18 October 1912, addressed to Cleveland, Ohio USA: attractive early 'philatelic' item

Reference: 648
London Stamp Exhibition 1937

GB KGVI 1½d cancelled London SW1, 20 October 1937, on a 2nd Annual London Stamp Exhibition souvenir envelope; with blue 1937 "All Empire Mails By Air" Imperial Airways label cancelled with special double-ring exhibition cachet; on reverse, a large orange exhibition label with the exhibition cachet and a single ring cds "GILGIE" Kenya arrival

Reference: 608
Czech Stamp Exhibition in London unaddressed cover

large folded envelope with GB KGVI 2½d cancelled with green bi-lingual roller d/s for the Czech Stamp Exhibition in London 1943; plus a miniature sheet of the Czech Exiles in London inscribed 1918-43; cancelled with green cds CSPP Czechoslovak Field Post

Reference: 611

France 10c Type Blanc + 15c, 50c, 1f 50c Colonial Exhibition issue (SG 413a, 488, 490,491) cancelled with the Exhibition cds, on envelope by Airmail to Kent 10 August 1931; with a green h/s 'VU: Le Contrôleur' and signed (rare use - checked for the correct Airmail rate?); b/s Paris Gare du Nord Avion

Reference: 610
London Stamp Exhibition 1937 souvenir envlope used locally

GB 2½d KGVI cancelled London SW1 19 October 1937 on 2nd Annual London Stamp Exhibition envelope to Streatham; blue 1937 "All Empire Mails by Air" label (Imperial Airways) cancelled with blue exhibition cachet; also with large orange exhibition label; no b/s

Reference: 609
France "L'Aérogramme" journal used Paris 1931

2 x 1c Type Blanc (SG 288a, YT 107) on copy of Monthly Stamp Journal "L'Aérogramme", with interesting text and adverts, alongside publicity label for the Paris International Colonial Exhibition 1931, posted from the Exhibition and thus the stamps cancelled with the Exhibition postmark, to Troyes: attractive Aviation & Exhibition item

Reference: 574
Germany 1909 Zeppelin PPC with exhibition label

24 August 1909 5pfg Germania on fine PPC of the International Airship Exhibition Frankfurt 1909, with cameo portrait of Count von Z, to Vienna; scarce publicity label for 'Internationale Luftschiffahrt Austellung Frankfurt' on reverse of the card, fine Air Expo & Zeppelin item

Reference: 570

Fine illustrated envelope "NEPA - Nordeuropæisk Frimærkeudstilling i Horsens 5-6-7 September 1936"; First Flight Horsens-Copenhagen with special red cachet, and with the datestamp of the Exhibition cancelling 50 øre & 5 øre stamps 5 September 1936, Copenhagen to Brussels; a striking & scarce combination

Reference: 496

GB KGVI ½d deep green on illustrated envelope for the London Stamp Exhibition 'One Hundred Years of Postal Progress' 1837-1937, posted within London; with two added labels, '1937 all Empire Mails by Air', 'an Imperial Airways Empire Flying Boat' & large blue label 'London Stamp Exhibition 16-20 October 1937', cancelled with the large violet cachet of the exhibition; a spectacular combination

Reference: 491

½d Springbok cancelled with special d/r bi-lingual cds 'Empire Exhibition Johannesburg' 2 January 1937, to London E 11, on fine illustrated postal card with photo on reverse of a Mail Van at Rand Airport, fine condition & attractive

Reference: 490

2 x GB KGVI ½d orange cancelled with large cachet '33rd Philatelic Congress of Gt Britain Felixstowe 29 May 1951' & alongside a large 3d red publicity label for the Festival of Britain, to London; nice combination

Reference: 465

Spanish 10c, 15c, 50c definitives cancelled with Barcelona roller datestamp; Egyptian Arabic Inspector's mark (censor?)' on reverse a large publicity label for the Internatiional Stamp Exhibition San Sebastian 1948

Reference: 425

Wrapper from 'L'Echo de la Timbrologie' franked with the strip of 3 commemorating the bicentenary of the first balloon flight, + 1fr 80 pictorial for the 56th Philatelic Congress, Marseille, & 0.005 Liberté by Delacroix & Gandon; from Amiens to Guildford 4 October 1983; a colourful franking

Reference: 378
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