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Hindenburg heads 80 pfg and 12 pfg overprinted Elsass + 2 x 1 pfg un-overprinted cancelled Mulhausen 26 November 1940; 2 x 1pfg cancelled Munich 4 December 1940; registered and express marked in typescript + red crayon cross; no b/s

Reference: 1264

Post-war provisional issues 2+4 zt x 3, & 3 x 5 zt (SG 528-9, 522a) all cancelled with m/s endorsement 'Kosow-Lacki’; m/s hand drawn registration box with m/s entry 'Kosow-Lacki'; pink Exprès label; b/s Warsaw 22 September 1945, New York January 1946; Chicago 15 Jan 1946

Reference: 1239

10 heller Hradcany Czech parcel card with added 2 x 20 h Eagle design, cancelled Brnenec-Brunnlitz, registered & with red label Valeur Déclarée: Budapest transit cds & Vel Becekerek bridged arrival cds; with added Yugoslav 2 d  green fiscal stamp cancelled with purple cachet: a fine scarce combination

Reference: 1166
France Express Letter to Scotland 1959

4 pictorials & 3 definitive issues cancelled Paris VI R.St Romain, on envelope to Edinburgh 14 March 1959; pink Express label and black h/s 'Express Fee Paid'; b/s Paris Gare du Nord Etranger; with blue crayon endorsement of Express; attractive combination

Reference: 1056
Nigeria multifranking to Yorkshire

Long envelope Port Harcourt to Halifax, Yorkshire 28 April 1972, franked with 20 x 2d (SG 231, no printer’s imprint) + 10 x 3d pictorials (SG 233, with imprint), for Express Airmail rate 70d=5/10; NB 15 x 2d on reverse uncancelled; (30 stamps cat £2 each)

Reference: 946

5s Costume design on registered airmail envelope from Vienna to Eccles, Manchester, 20 September 1948; censored with sealing tape and censor'
s cachet 441 Z1; nice example of the currency & security control of post-war Austria

Reference: 968
Italy Express Mail 1948

4 x 10 lire small definitive + 50 lire pictorial; cancelled d/r bridged bilingual cds (railway d/s) BOZENI BAHNPOST AMT; from Bolzano to Lucerne, 19 January 1948; boxed red trilingual express h/s; b/s AMB BRENERO VERONA 210, 19.1.1948, MEGGEN (LUZERN) 20.1.48

Reference: 827
Italy registered express 1921

50c portrait issue + 30c express stamp cancelled d/r cds Napoli 3 ACCETT. RACCOM. 23 February 1921 to Lyon; violet h/s RACCOMANDATA; b/s Lyon 25 Feb 1921 (faint strike)

Reference: 826
USA Special Delivery 1929

4 x 2c George Rogers Clarke (SG 654), 4 x 2c General Sullivan (SG 680), 2c Washington (damaged) for an 18c special delivery rate; from New Bedford, Mass. to Portsmouth, N.H.; h/s "special delivery/fee paid----cents" b/s Boston, Mass SD Postal Sta. G duplex d/s 16 August 1929; faults to envelope and one stamp

Reference: 795
USA Special Delivery 1943

2 x 5c occupied Poland commemorative + 2 x 3c Jefferson; m/s 'Air Mail special delivery' from Sacramento to La Jolla, 21 November 1943; cancelled large s/r cds duplex 1; violet h/s 'Fee claimed by office of first address'; b/s La Jolla received 22 November 1943

Reference: 789
Thailand Express Delivery 1957

5 pictorial stamps and 1 portrait on Travel Co. Air Mail envelope, from Bangkok to Los Angeles 24 July 1957; cancelled with bridged s/r cds; h/s Express/Special Delivery in blue and Express in black; b/s violet s/r cds Los Angeles SPEC.DEl.RECD 29 July 1957

Reference: 780
USA Special Delivery 1937

US 5c West Point pictorial x 2 + 3c Washington cancelled s/r cds Chicago duplex 6 to Dayton, Ohio 22 December 1937; m/s 'Special Delivery' & large violet h/s 'Special Delivery' plus black h/s 'Fee claimed by Office of First Address'; b/s Dayton duplex 11 23 December 1937

Reference: 757
Italy registered express envelope to Berne

Definitve issue 3 x 5 lire + 5 x 10 lire for a 65 lire registered express rate, to Berne, cancelled GENOVA No. 14 d/r bridged cds 14 July 1947; black on pale plue ESPRESSO label + red Swiss tri-lingual Express h/s; b/s Milan 15 July & Bern-Hindelbank 16 July 1947; small faults to envelope

Reference: 732
Italy Express Stamps on envelope to France 1921

4 x 30c EXPRESS stamp + 4 x 15c portrait issue, 1 lire 80c rate, cancelled d/r cds to Lyon 8 June 1921; b/s Lyon 10 June 1921, colourful franking

Reference: 733
Italy Express letter to Switzerland multifranking 1946

Small definitives 1 lira, 2 lire (fault) & on reverse block 21 x 2 lire, for a 45 lire rate, all cancelled with bridged d/r cds MONTEREGGIO/MASSA CARRARA; to Olten Switzerland, 30 October 1946; m/s 'EXPRES', pink Express label, h/s 'ESPRESSO'; transit d/r PARMA 31 October (2 different); a spectacular franking.

Reference: 731
France Express to Germany

50c Sower + 3 x 1fr Pasteur on pre-printed commercial envelope m/s "Exprès" in red crayon; black h/s "Exprès" and German pink label "Gilbote Exprès"; from Paris to Nuremburg 14 October 1926; m/s blue crayon "affranchissement insuffisant - Allemagne"; b/s Nuernberg 2B2 s/r cds 19 October 1926

Reference: 714
Hong Kong Registered Express Airmail 1990

Hong Kong $10, $2, $1.80 (SG 547, 548, 550) on airmail envelope with express & registered labels; Hong Kong Tai Po to Walsall, 5 May 1990; b/s Tai Po HK the same day

Reference: 672
Berlin to Holland express 1941 censored

Express envlope from Germany to Utrecht, Holland, 5 February 1941, franked with 3 pictorials + 20pfg and 6pfg Hindenburg (SG 751 x 2, 255, 497B, 502B) all cancelled Berlin W15; with red express label, plus censor tape and cachets; b/s Utrecht 9 February 1941; inspector's mark 5.

Reference: 629
Germany Express letter to Holland 1935

Hindenburg issue 2 x 25pfg deep blue + 25pfg with black border (SG 503B x2, 550) on Hotel Adler envelope Wiesbaden to Holland 2 January 1935, with 2 red Eilbote Exprès labels, b/s Nijmegen the same day, a nice combination

Reference: 580
Switzerland registered insured cover to London 1930

Swiss Pro Juventute issue 1929 (SG J48-51) on registered envelope + 5c Tell Boy & 50c Helvetia (SG 240,266), from Berne with Insured label, Valeur Déclaré & registration labels; b/s Finsbury Park 28 February 1930. A lovely colourful cover

Reference: 572

2 x 3c KGV definitive + 20c Special Delivery (SG 321, Spec Del S8)on envelope Regina to Quebec, cancelled with duplex cds 20 August 1935; MS 'Special' above Airmail sticker & purple h/s 'Special Delivery'; b/s Airmail Field Chicago Ill 22 Aug 1935, Montreal S 22 Aug, Quebec 23 Aug 1935; closed tear to top of envelope

Reference: 512

envelope franked with 2 x 50 lire Cellini commemoratives, 25 & 5 lire Coin of Syracuse & 150 lire Express stamp, cancelled San Lorenzo 27 July 1971 to Guernsey; with red 'Expresso (Exprès)' label; to a café in St Peter Port: nice useage

Reference: 494

5 x 3c Jefferson + 1c Statue of Liberty, 16c rate within US; handstamped 'Special Delivery' & 'Special Delivery-Air Mail' with MS the same; plus 'Fee Claimed by Office of First Address'; from North Hollywood 12 October 1942 to Winona; on reverse Los Angeles-Calif Terminal Annex Air Mail duplex & Winona, Minn 14 October 1942

Reference: 448

4 x 3c Jefferson + 1c Washington, 13c rate within US, MS 'Special Delivery' & handstamped the same; also handstamped 'Fee Claimed by Office of First Address'; New York 12 January 1941 to Philadelphia, with on reverse an arrival cds the same day

Reference: 447

2 x KGVI 3c (SG 359) + 10c/20c Special Delivery issue (SG S11) cancelled Toronto Postal Terminal 4 15 April 1939, on Airmail envelope to Jamaica New York; b/s large s/r cds Jamaica NY (Reg'd) in purple 16 April 1939; to & from stamp dealers Marks & Kessler; slight faults to envelope

Reference: 417
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