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Letter sent during the GB postal strike, 15 Feb 1971; franked with France 0.50 Bequet, cancelled Calais; 15p red and 20p green 'Export Letter Service' labels; tied with boxed h/s 'Flown by Hovercraft, Ramsgate'; partial m/c b/s

Reference: 1250

Public Record Office receipt for an uncertified copy P/A 334, charged at £1/19/6 with KGVI fiscal stamps of the Public Record Office, £1, 3 x 5/-, 2/6, 1/-, 2 x 6d, making up the charge, all cancelled with oval d/s; a lovely example

Reference: 1176

"Bulletin d' expédition" French parcel card in the former German Alsace style, from Huningue to Nevers,  cancelled with s/r cds on front & forwarding label 'Mulhouse 2'; on reverse Merson 5fr & 2fr + Sower 1fr & 45c, with 1 franc fiscal, all cancelled Huningue cds and with added Railway cachet 'Petit Croix Ch de F. de l'Est' 14 October 1927: a striking combination

Reference: 1173

10 heller Hradcany Czech parcel card with added 2 x 20 h Eagle design, cancelled Brnenec-Brunnlitz, registered & with red label Valeur Déclarée: Budapest transit cds & Vel Becekerek bridged arrival cds; with added Yugoslav 2 d  green fiscal stamp cancelled with purple cachet: a fine scarce combination

Reference: 1166
France money order card from Alsace 1927

Money order with registered label Ste-Marie-aux-Mines and pink 'valeur déclarée" label, franked on front with 2 x 25c fiscal stamps; small label 'Mulhouse 2"; on reverse, 2 x 2fr Merson + 5c Blanc, all cancelled with s/r cds, 3 October 1927; to Avignon; also s/r cds 'Petit Croix Postaux" 4 October 1927

Reference: 1140
France parcel card Alsace to Dahomey 1922

5 x 1fr Merson, 2 x 40c Merson, + 10c fiscal, all cancelled VF s/r cds STRASBOURG 2, 26 October 1922, on Parcel card to Dahomey; large red cachets 'RÉSERVÉS' and '5k', customs label Mulhouse 2; h/s 'P.O. Moulins'; label STRASBOURG 2 GARE crossed out; on reverse boxed h/s 'Petit-Croix-Postaux ES1' 28 October 1922, rare use and destination

Reference: 1139
France Alsace-Lorraine Official Parcel Card 1927

VALEUR DÉCLARÉE parcel card; on front 1fr 50 Pasteur, 15c Sower, 1fr fiscal; on reverse 10 x 1fr 50 Pasteur, 1fr Sower, 10 x 5f Merson; from Mutzig, 16 August 1927 to Karachi; slight faults to card but a spectacular franking and scarce cover

Reference: 1097
1936 Tunis postal card

Parcel card with Tunis CP (colis postaux) label 8567, franked with parcel post stamps 5 x 2fr, 20c, 2 x 5c (SG P44, P46, P52) for 10fr 30c total rate, + 10c quittances fiscal stamp; superb Regence de Tunis cachet; 2 Marseille transit h/s; blue crayon m/s mark (4758?) and red ink '3.92'; Marseille PLM boxed railway d/s 26 Oct 1936; with some faults but a spectacular and rare item

Reference: 1090
Turkish Cyprus Passport Page 1948 with fiscal stamps

Passport page (no 122930) franked with 7 Turkish fiscal stamps; apparently stamped in Turkish Cyprus (Kibris), 28 March 1948

Reference: 1068
Turkish Cyprus Passport Page 1945 with fiscal stamps

Passport page (no 173074) franked with 5 Turkish fiscal stamps; apparently cancelled in Turkish Cyprus (Kibris), 27 September 1945, unusual

Reference: 1067
Turkey Passport Page 1948 with fiscal stamps

Passport page (No 191189) franked with 4 fiscal stamps, 13 September 1948, Ankara

Reference: 1066
Turkey Passport Page 1947 with fiscal stamps

Passport page (No 009471) franked (front and back) with 6 fiscal stamps, 21 March 1947, Kilirisar?

Reference: 1065
French parcel card 1927

Parcel card franked with 3f Merson & Sower 1fr, 20c, 50c, 80c plus 50c timbre fiscal; cancelled Metz R.Lafayette, Moselle; to Chalons sur Marne; punched with small circle as fiscal use

Reference: 969
GB Fiscal Duty on Life Insurance 1910

Receipt for duty on a life insurance annuity, 31 January 1910 with imprinted red receipt stamp on full document from the Inland Revenue (Form No 9); form fully completed by solicitors

Reference: 964
Yugoslavia (Slovenia) postal cheque 1921

Postal document (for transfer of money?) with red cachet "Posta Cekovni hrad/S.H.S./Ljubljani 20 IV 1921" from Javornik; on reverse strip of 4 x 15 paras Slovenia Porto red overprints cancelled Javornik 25 IV 1921

Reference: 848
Austrian document with fiscal stamp 1902

Decorative 'versendungs-karte' (shipping/despatch card) document for 6,585 (heller or krone?); franked on reverse with Austrian 1 krone fiscal stamp (dated 1898) cancelled SAAZ 10 November 1902; very colourful

Reference: 818
Lithuanian passport with consular stamps

Passport No 1093 issued with photo i.d. (female), 2 very fine coloured 5 litu fiscal stamps cancelled with violet cachet of the Lithuanian Consulate, with other revenue stamps on 3 pages and 2 more on visas page, dated 19 October 1928; very unusual and seldom seen

Reference: 646
Lithuanian Passport with consular stamp

Passport No. 1409 issued with photo i.d. (male). Lovely coloured 10 litu fiscal stamp cancelled with violet cachet of the Lithuanian Consulate, with other revenue stamps on 3 other pages and 5 more on the visas page, dated 18 December 1928: very unusual and seldom seen

Reference: 645

Italian Switzerland; on front of passport page (numbered 5 & 6) 3 large Italian 50 lire red revenue stamps 'Concessioni Governative atti Amministrativi' cancelled s/r 'Questura di Sondrio' & cachet 'Commissariato di Confine Campocologno'; on reverse a further 50 lire + 100 lire 'Atti Esteri Passaporti'; dated 15.8.47 & 14.8.48; pages from a passport used as visas; colourful & unusual

Reference: 422