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10 heller Hradcany Czech parcel card with added 2 x 20 h Eagle design, cancelled Brnenec-Brunnlitz, registered & with red label Valeur Déclarée: Budapest transit cds & Vel Becekerek bridged arrival cds; with added Yugoslav 2 d  green fiscal stamp cancelled with purple cachet: a fine scarce combination

Reference: 1166
Switzerland insured mail

Switzerland Helvetia definitives 3 x 1fr, 5c, 30c cancelled Lugano/Lettre on large orange envelope, Lugano to Hereford 24 October 1911: registered with red 'Insured/Valeur Déclarée' label & m/s "Valeur Declarée francs 2500"; with faint red registered date stamp 24 Oct 1911; a lovely franking

Reference: 637
Switzerland registered insured cover to London 1930

Swiss Pro Juventute issue 1929 (SG J48-51) on registered envelope + 5c Tell Boy & 50c Helvetia (SG 240,266), from Berne with Insured label, Valeur Déclaré & registration labels; b/s Finsbury Park 28 February 1930. A lovely colourful cover

Reference: 572