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US Confederate States 10c pale blue (SG 3a) with 4 good margins; cancelled s/r cds Tuliahoma, 24 March 1862; neat plain envelope, no b/s

Reference: 1177
GB 1971 Postal Strike Hovercraft mail

'Exporters Letter Service' 4/- strike post label black on blue; cancelled with boxed cachet 'flown by Hovercraft Ramsgate', to Amsterdam; franked with French 0.50c type Bequet definitive

Reference: 1046
USA rural free delivery box holder 1952

US 1c Jefferson PS card green on buff + green boxed imprint 'revalued 2c P.O dept'; local post Monroe, Washington, 20 February 1952; addressed only by large red h/s 'Box Holder Local'; on reverse advert for Monroe store; part of the rural free delivery service, fine example

Reference: 1040
USA rural free delivery 1903

2c Washington (SG 307a) cancelled 1 in 5-bars 'killer' alongside supurb strike of 'R.F.D. BRDIGTON JUN 18 1903 MAINE'; rural free delivery cachet; b/s Portland, ME 19 June 1903 and unclear s/r cds 18 June (Bridgton?): a lovely example of this type of mail

Reference: 1039

Outer wrapper, no text, from Temnikov to St Petersburg May 1960, to the St Petersburg Board of Guardians; sealed with wax seal of Temnikov Zemstvo; s/r cds 26 May 1860; faint strike large s/r cds on front; m/s '4'

Reference: 1017
Fiume Esperanto label and cachet 1957

1 din Yugoslavia allegory design, plus red and green 'primitive' label, rouletted, for Esperanto Congress; both cancelled with special d/s in green 9e INTERNACIA FERVOJISTA ESPERANTO KONGRESO RIJEKA 15.V.1957

Reference: 977
GB Postal Strike 1971 Budleigh-Salterton

Postal strike stamp inscribed 'Postage Paid 6d (2½p) cancelled with fine cds 'During the National Postal Strike - the post… Raleigh Stamp Postal Service 19 Feb 71', on a local letter in Budleigh Salterton; scarce 'stamp' slight faults to envelope

Reference: 829
GB postal strike 1971

Commercial use of postal strike carrier service; letter from Coventry to Chiswick, London on 2? February 1971 bearing private label of 'Loadrunner Transport Services Ltd, Coventry, Inland Post 2/-'; no b/s

Reference: 828
Herm Island

8 dbls Herm Island local canclled Herm Island s/r cds 13 July 1965 in violet, and 3d Guernsey regional cancelled Guernsey m/c d/s 14 July 1965; to London; on PPC of Herm; arrival b/s Maida Hill 17 July 1965

Reference: 658
Herm Island Bisect 1957

QE2 2d on PPC of Herm Island, with Herm local 1 dble green bisected and neatly cancelled Herm Island s/r cds in violet 18 October 1957; to Guernsey with slogan d/s the same day

Reference: 657