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Gibraltar QE2 3d pictorial + US 8d Liberty definitive, cancelled USS Salem warship 21 May 1954; also with USS Saratoga cachet; on reverse 2 line h/s Algiers/North Africa and New York slogan d/s; probably sent during the production of 'The Battle of the River Plate', when USS Salem played the Graf Spee in the film

Reference: 1255

Portsmouth Ship Letter boxed h/s on reverse of entire letter (m/s 'bill of lading') from Havana 5 May 1827; large m/s rate mark 4/9; b/s red s/r cds (London) 21 June 1827; m/s 'P. Ship Hindustan'

Reference: 1243
South Africa Unclaimed on two ships 1947

3 x 3d (SG 113) ROYAL VISIT on envelope rather battered by forwarding, cancelled m/c d/s Port Elizabeth, 14 May 1947, to a Union Castle ship, forwarded more than once: 2 boxed violet h/s "UNCLAIMED ON BOARD ARUNDEL CASTLE" and "UNCLAIMED ON BOARD CARNARVON CASTLE 21 MAY 1947"; airmail label; b/s London 20 May 1947; faults to envelope but spectacular maritime item

Reference: 1158
France used abroad Smyrna 1865

10c and 40c Napoleon perforated issues; cancelled GC 5098, 26 July 1865, at Smyrna, outer wrapper only; red PD, blue h/s 'POSTE FRANCAISE D'ALEP' (struck as an arrival cachet rather than the usual mark of origin); no b/s; probably via the Paquebot 'Euphrate' which left Smyrna 16 July 1865 & arrived Alexandretta 30 July 1865

Reference: 1138
GB Naval mail c 1915

KGV 1d scarlet cancelled by VF black h/s cross naval censor cachet; m/s "Passed by Censor" and signature; very fine example

Reference: 1114
GB Naval Censor c1915

KGV ½d yellow-green with E14 marginal coding; both cancelled with VF black h/s cross naval censor cachet; no b/s; spectacular cancel

Reference: 1113
Sweden Coronation cruise 1937

2 different 15 ore portrait issues, cancelled with VF d/r cds 12 March 1937; Goteborg-New York on envelope inscribed "Svenska America Linien 'Kungsholm'" with large cachet 'M.S. Kungsholm¢s Coronation Cruise 1937'; no b/s

Reference: 1106
Belgium to Germany mixed franking

20pfg Germania + Belgium 25c with Sunday label on Antwerp illustrated letter card; cancelled s/r cds Deutsches Seepost 10 e; With original text and 4 photo illustrations; small corner fault but unusual

Reference: 1085
Card to a US Revenue Cutter

GB KE7 1d red cancelled Cardiff m/c d/s 3 May 1906, to US Revenue Cutter 'Perry', Astoria, Oregon; forwarded with cds and cachet 'Forwarded Astoria Oregon 5 June 1906'; to Seattle

Reference: 1028
Bermuda "Posted in the High Seas" c 1950

KGB ½d (SG 93), KGVI 2½d (SG 113c), 1/- (SG 115) all cancelled by undated VF strike of "Queen of Bermuda/Posted on the High Seas"; to Runcorn; on airmail envelope inscribed 'Furness Bermuda Line' (service suspended during WW2, restarted 1949, ended 1966: nice maritime colonial cover

Reference: 960
French Post Office in Levant with BOITE MOBILE h/s

10c black Type Sage cancelled with d/r cds Smyrne Turquie d'Asie 13 August 1900, to Marseille; on Pompeii Casa dei Vettii Postcard (blue background series), oval maritime cachet BM (boîte mobile)

Reference: 992
Roumanian PO in Levant 1896

Pair Romania 10 bani green (perf 13½) surcharged 20 paras 20 in a 'watery' h/s, on reverse of envelope, cleanly cancelled 'Posta Romana Cospoli', with 2nd unclear different cds alongside (Constantinople?), unaddressed but possibly with address label removed; rare use, probably philatelic?; used on mail on Romanian ship post
Constanza-Constantinoople; on front VF d/r cds Ploesti Gara 28 March 1896, very scarce

Reference: 993
GB KGVI ½ d First Peacetime Voyage S.S. Onward 1945

GB KGVI ½ d light green on special envelope inscribed with decorative heading "Maiden Voyage SS 'Onward' American Pioneer Line", "1st Peacetime voyage to England"; from London to New York, 18 October 1945; red & green pictorial arrival h/s 'Received' and 'New York Nov 3 1945'; with other cachets; not common

Reference: 962
Mixed franking Norway and Iceland 1966

Norwegian America Line Postcard of Arctic Cruise ship 2 August 1966; m/s BERGENSFJORD; red h/s 'Arctic Exploration Cruises' franked with 35 Norway map of Svalbard (SG 468) cancelled Longyearbyen 6 Aug 1966, and Iceland 10 aur horse (SG 355) cancelled Reykjavik 2 August 1966; with cachet of ship 'on cruise' 6 August 66, to Bergen; signed by master of the ship and the postmaster, attractive combination

Reference: 939
Germany Seepost from North Africa 1907

10pfg Germania on PPC of Algiers, cancelled 'Deutsche Seepost, Ost Asiatische Linie'; to Redditch, 8 December 1907; small s/r cds Gibraltar 9 December 1907 in transit; corner fault to card otherwise fine

Reference: 864
Naval mail

Stampless envelope with m/s 'On Active Service'; blue shield cachet 'from H.M. Ship passed by censor'; d/r void cds 'Post Office Maritime Mail' v fine strike in red; to London, 13 February 1943 (m/s); no b/s; a neat clean example

Reference: 806
Naval censored mail 1943

Stampless envelope with red anchor type Naval cachet HM Ship, and double ring void centre d/s 'Post Office Maritime Mail' (v fine strike), to Bournemouth, 14 December 1943 (m/s); censor's tape 'Opened by Examiner 2989'; no b/s; a nice clean example

Reference: 805
Naval mail 1944

Stampless envelope "On Active Service" from H.M. Ship to Cork, Ireland; undated void centre d/r d/s 'Post Office Maritime Mail'; shield cachet "HM Ship" (m/s 1944) in red; British censor's tape 'opened by Examiner 2859'; red boxed Irish bilingual censor's cachet; no b/s
scarcer use of Irish censor mark

Reference: 804
Postard from ship at Gibraltar to UK with postage due

Strip 4 GB QEII Wilding ½d orange on PPC of P&O ship 'Chusan', cancelled with post office triangle cachet I.S.(Inland Service); double ring cds Gibraltar 19 May 1956; GB Postage Due h/s in Green 2d I.S.T and black T; m/s "Posted SS Chusan Gibraltar 18.3.56"; to Carshalton, Surrey

Reference: 621
Holland to Liverpool multi-franking 1913

part cover to Liverpool franked on front with 19 x ½c violet cancelled d/r cds Terschelling 21 April 1913,; on reverse m/s notations "originally 25 back & front sent by HKM(?) when on S.S Lyons at Terschelling salvage.(?) P.O. afterwards stopped excessive stamp quantities, prescribing stamps of large value" and 'Salvage "Lutine"': from a wreck cover?

Reference: 622
Southampton Ship Letter 1904 on 10c Spain on postcard of Las Palmas

15 April 1904 Spain Young King's Head issue 10c rose cancelled with V fine Southampton Ship Letter s/r cds, on Spanish picture postcard of banana trees in Las Palmas, to Leominster

Reference: 577
1904 Postcard with 10c Sower cancelled Southampton France MB

French 10c Sower pale red on PPC of Le Havre to West Hartlepool, cancelled 24 March 1904 with fine Southampton France MB s/r cds, with s/r West Hartlepool arrival the same day

Reference: 576
GB KGV 1½d 1st Voyage

GB KGV 1½d brown on envelope to Boston, Mass, cancelled by boxed cachet 'SS Washington' with cds 'US Ger Sea Post' s/r cds, & purple h/s Paquebot; with light decorative purple cachet "First Voyage SS Washington New York to Dublin, Plymouth, Havre & Hamburg." minor faults to envelope, no b/s

Reference: 556

NZ Penny Universal used alone on a PPC of the Wharves Dunedin, addressed to a ship c/o an agent in Chile, Dunedin m/c d/s 29 December 1899, transit cds Valparaiso Chile 10 February 1900, to the ship 'Loch Garne' c/o the agent Autofagusta, with arrival cds Autofagusta, Chile, 16 February 1900: very unusual & a fine 1d Universal piece

Reference: 555

Decorative envelope with publicity for a Christmas & New Year Cruise by the 'SS Orsova' 29 December 1969, with 3 Tonga stamps, one a 'cut-out' type (SG 273, 276, 286), from Niuafo'ou Island, nice clean example of more modern Tin Can Island Mail, no b/s

Reference: 547
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