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Local mail in Nossi-Bé, Madagascar, 1891; pair of 0.10 on 5c (SG D33), 2 x 0.15 on 20c (SG D34); 'T' in a triangle"; small d/r cds with inner dotted circle; some age faults to envelope; these stamps scarce used on cover; stamps catalogued £126 in SG 2016

Reference: 1281

GB KGV Downey Head 1d cancelled large d/r cds Allahabad RMS, 3 January 1917; boxed h/s 'undelivered for reason stated Return to Sender'; T in circle and 1d postage due cancelled 1 February 1917; on reverse large MS 'refused'; on front 'Bombay DLO Postage Due 2 annas'; on reverse Bombay DLO, 3 March, 7 March; Lucknow DLO 14 March 1917

Reference: 1268

A Rhodesian stamp in the UDI era; cancelled 14 April 1970; stamp not valid, thus 1/2d postage due charged; GB postage due stamps 4d, 4 x 2d, 2 x 1d; cancelled Kenilworth 9 May 1970; front only but useful item

Reference: 1249

Independent UDI Rhodesia 2 x 10c + 2 x 5c pictorials, Salisbury to Gloucester 15 April 1970; stamps not considered valid in GB; green 'To Pay'/'I.S.' (inland service) boxed h/s: red label added indicating unrecognised issues; GB postage due 2 x 1/- + 2 x 2/6 (2 applications): a fine example of this period

Reference: 1231

Illustrated 'gruss aus' type card of Marseille from the publisher, dated 1904: originally it was franked 1c on' bande', stamp lost; card thus charged 20c postage due (2 x 1c postage due stamps lost) on reverse: h/s REFUSÉ and returned; on reverse of the 'bande' h/s 'retour à l’envoyeur 3103' (Reims); a fine item

Reference: 1213

2k brown/cream PS card with added 5k charity tax for war victims; cancelled s/r cds SARAJEVO 1 Jan 1945; large T 'taxed' h/s; stamp used as postage due?

Reference: 1195

United States one cent portrait postal card with added 1c blue Columbus issue, cancelled Pond Creek 6 February 1894; charged postage due with T 5 cents h/s and stamp cancelled T 15 centimes(?) at New York 9 February : m/s British charge mark h/s 3d  and St Andrews 300  d/r bridged cds arrival 18 February 1894: an attractive combination

Reference: 1165
1873 France Grand Cassure and Postage Due

25c Cérès (SG 211a) with 'grande cassure' plate flaw on top; cancelled 14 October 1873 Paris Rue Taitbout; underfranked to Rome; red postage due h/s, Italian 40c postage due cancelled Roma 18 October 1873; m/s style h/s ¢40' (the rate due); a superb rare franking

Reference: 1084
1903 Germany unperpaid with French postage due

5 pfg Germania on PPC of Frankfurt; cancelled d/r cds Frankfurt 15 September 1903, h/s 'T'` postage due, blue crayon '15'; h/s P.7 and Zurück; French postage due 10c + 3 x 1c cancelled Concarnau 18 September 1903 and tied by s/r cachet 'a Entl Ffm. I'; transit cds Paris Etranger 18 Sept 1903; Frankfurt arrival cds 24 September 1903 & s/r h/s AUSG.C.2 26 Sept 1903

Reference: 1080
Greece Currency Inspection 1936 to French Morocco

On front 7d pictorial and on reverse 8d pictorial + 2 x 50 lepta on 20 lepta; cancelled with d/r bridged cds Peireus (Athens) 7 November 1938, to French Morocco; red crayon "Surtaxe insufficante" (endorsed by signature); opened and resealed by currency control authorities; tied by large cachet; b/s m/c d/s CASABLANCA 10 Nov 1938

Reference: 1064
GB Postage Due on P.O. Foreign Parcels form 1968

Postage Dues 8 x 5/-, 4 x 10/-, 1/-, 6d, 2d (SG D59, D63, D64, D66, D67) for total of £4.1.8 in respect of '2 returned foreign parcels'; cancelled with oval registered d/s Kettering, Northants, 6 Dec 1968; on Post office form P325B

Reference: 1029
GB to Transvaal Postage Due 1910

GB KEVII ½d on PPC of Old Mill, Leatherhead, with d/r cds of Leatherhead 13 August 1910; underpaid to Transvaal; charge marks T/1A in circle, T in hexagon & m/s '10' in blue crayon; 1d Transvaal postage due label cancelled Potchefstroom 8 September (on card) and 9 September 1910 (on label): corner fault to card but a nice combination of marks

Reference: 872
Canada underpaid to USA

Canada 4c QEII cancelled Winnipeg 1 December 1960 to York, Pennsylvania; underpaid with postage due cachet T/6 cents in circle, on airmail envelope; US POSTAGE DUE label green on buff 'York PA, 5 Dec 60' 06 cents to pay; green h/s USA; b/s Nov 27 1960 in green; nice airmail postage due item

Reference: 799
USA Parcel Post docket underpaid 1952

US P.O. Dept Form 291B in respect of a parcel underpaid from Milford, Conn. to Calcutta; dated 8 August 1952 at N. York Morgan station; 2 x 10c + 5c Postage Due cancelled Milford, Conn. s/r cds duplex 6 Jan 1953

Reference: 840
USA postcard to Austria

2 x 1c green Franklin portrait on PPC of Asbury Park, NJ; from Asbury Park to Vienna, Austria 13 July 1934; US charge mark 'T (NY) 10 centimes D' in 2 purple circles; 24 groschen Austrian postage due cancelled 31 July 1934

Reference: 783
Yugoslavia (Slovenia) postal cheque 1921

Postal document (for transfer of money?) with red cachet "Posta Cekovni hrad/S.H.S./Ljubljani 20 IV 1921" from Javornik; on reverse strip of 4 x 15 paras Slovenia Porto red overprints cancelled Javornik 25 IV 1921

Reference: 848
Dutch East Indies 1937

DEI pictorials 7½c and 12½c (SG 342, 345) cancelled with VF d/r bridged cds; T in circle; h/s Belgian Postage Due 3fr50, 2fr, 3 x 20c; from Poerwakarta, Dutch East Indies; cancelled Brussels 3 August 1937; repairs to the top corner of the envelope

Reference: 741
Gold Coast/Ghana with Postage Due 1958

1½d Gold Coast QE2 pictoral overprinted Ghana Independence; on envelope from Sekondi to Takoradi 20 August 1958, cancelled d/r cds Sakondi; h/s "T over ... oz" and m/s 2d (to pay); 2d Gold Coast postage due stamp overprinted Ghana in red; b/s Takoradi 21 August 1958; to the Ice Cream Factory; a lovely early Ghana postage due

Reference: 749
Malaya Postage Due 1929

India 1 anna PS envelope lightly cancelled and with circular T in circle charge h/s, from Tirumayam to Penang 7 December 1929; on reverse d/r cds TIRUMAYAM 7 December; Federated Malay States Postage Due 4c and 2c; cancelled SEREMBAN 17 December 1929 on arrival, a nice cimbination

Reference: 748
US to France Postage Due 1938

Saucy comic PPC franked at 1c only, underpaid with tax h/s T N.Y. / 10 centimes in red circles, from Wildwood to Monteaux les Meaux, 23 July 1938; French postage dues 2 x 30c + 10c cancelled TRILPORT, SEINE ET MARNE 5 August 1938

Reference: 728
Germany to USA

2 x 5pfg Germania cancelled d/r cds MARBURG (Bz Cassel)2a; on a fine tinted art postcard 'GRUSS AUS HESSEN' from Marburg to New York, 18 April 1905; boxed T to indicate underfranked for USA; US postage due 1c + 2 x 2c over 'New York 5 cents' charge h/s

Reference: 721
Kenya multi-franking 1991

12 x 50c starling on airmail envelope from Ahero, Kenya to Derby 25 April 1991 m/s charge mark 'T 2000/2600'; boxed h/s "insuffieciently prepaid for airmail/diverted to surface"; no b/s

Reference: 720
Postard from ship at Gibraltar to UK with postage due

Strip 4 GB QEII Wilding ½d orange on PPC of P&O ship 'Chusan', cancelled with post office triangle cachet I.S.(Inland Service); double ring cds Gibraltar 19 May 1956; GB Postage Due h/s in Green 2d I.S.T and black T; m/s "Posted SS Chusan Gibraltar 18.3.56"; to Carshalton, Surrey

Reference: 621

Large piece franked with postage dues, 9 x £5, 7 x 20p, 50p, 5p, 3p, all uncancelled but with a 'soft packet' Keighley d/s alongside; used as a receipt for a parcel charged £46.98; nice unusual use of postage dues

Reference: 526

2 x 15c + 2 x 25c Sultan's portrait issues cancelled s/r cds Khalabelham(?) 23 March 1955 to The Hague; MS 'Airmail', '22 gms', '2.50' (shortage); Dutch postage dues 2 x 1g, 30c, 20c (=2.50)cancelled s'Gravenhage West 28 March 1955; envelope opened roughly at top but a striking franking

Reference: 507
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