Prisoner Of War

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Envelope to the Red Cross Commission for Prisoners of War, Bordeaux; m/s 'Kriegsgefangenensendung' & 'Frankreich'; d/r cds Berlin-Grunewald 14 March 1915; eagle cachet.' ...ingsstelle des Gardekorps Berlin'; red cachet 'Agence des Prisonniers de Guerre - Croix-Rouge Française Paris'; no b/s; a nice Red Cross combination

Reference: 1284

10 August 1915| crowned POW censor cachet - CHEMNITZ, overprinted Geprüft Gefangenenlager Chemnitz, cancelled with blue cross; d/r bridged cds Ebersdorf bz Chemnitz 23 August 1915; h/s 'Kriegsgefangenen-Sendung ...frei', h/s 'Bureau de secours aux prisonniers de guerre BERNE, Comité de Bâle': message on reverse with questions to the POW, with answers in pencil; fascinating mini-piece of history

Reference: 1283

German Prisoner of War envelope, inscribed in m/s "Kriegsgefangenenpost"; franked with 5 allied zone issues (8 pfg, 10 pfg, 3 x 20 pfg); cancelled Weilen (?), 29 August 1947; no arrival b/s

Reference: 1276

Pair of 25pfg AMPOST yellow cancelled Flensburg-Mürwik (in British Zone), 26 September 1947; opened and resealed with censor label  "Opened by Examiner 7555"; tied by VF 'British Censorship Germany' cachet No 5937; ms "written in German"; from a woman in a displaced persons camp

Reference: 1273

Plain card from German POW on the French Ile de Ré; d/r Camp Interpreter's cachet & 2 line "Geprüft cachet"; Newport and Whitney type C12; with original text intact

Reference: 1194

Envelope to a German interned in Switzerland; GB KGVI 2½d cancelled d/r cds Rotherham, 8 April 1944; censored by British 'Opened by Examiner 3204' tape and German with "Geöffnet" sealing tape with Swastika cachet; Swiss 'Zuzustellen /Fieldpostdirektion' & No 315); arrival d/s after forwarding 19 July 1944, with the original letter

Reference: 1187

5fr Petain Salon du Prisonnier POW card to a French Captain in Camp Oflag XB Nienburg (?), with New Year letter,  cancelled Paris m/c datestamp with 7 bars:  superb German censor cachet 'Geprüft Oflag XB Nr.7' ; a fine clean example of these cards

Reference: 1174
Switzerland Ammannsegg 1940

5c small definitive with added charity label "INTERNEMENT SUISSE 1940", both cancelled CAMP MILITAIRE D"INTERNÉMENT SUISSE - AMMANNSEGG"; internment camp souvenir card

Reference: 1152
German POW in Australia to GB 1941

German Prisoner of War in Australian POW camp (full details on reverse); 1/6 airmail cancelled GPO Sydney NSW 25(?) Feb 1941 to Wolverhampton; m/s 'By Airmail via South Africa', plus violet h/s 'Prisoner of War Service' and 'Passed by censor S.59'; a very unusual combination

Reference: 1135
Austria Red Cross internment card 1916

Red Cross internment card from an internee in a camp at Katzenau(?); cancelled Linz 4 December 1916; two different censor cachets, no visible arrival d/s; possibly written in Esperanto

Reference: 1122
Italian internee in Switzerland 1941

Military internment envelope from Berne Schönbühl to Zurich with PORTOFREI cachet; c1941; from an interned Italian soldier; h/s 822; no b/s

Reference: 1002
Italian internee in Switzerland 1942

Military internment envelope with cachet CAMP MILITAIRE d'INTERNEMENT BUSSWIL; undated but c1942; to Zurich; from an Italian citizen; h/s 365; no b/s; on reverse trilingual Swiss censor label

Reference: 1005
Italian internee in Switzerland 1942

Military internment envelope with cachet CAMP MILITAIRE d'INTERNEMENT FRIBOURG FRANK DE PORT; undated, but c1942; to Geneva; from an Italian internee; h/s 315; no b/s

Reference: 1004
Italian internee in Switzerland 1941

Military internment envelope used within Berne, c1941, with d/r PORTOFREI cachet for an interned Italian citizen; h/s 315; incomplete b/s undated

Reference: 1003
Austrian Red Cross to Danish POW Agency

Rough paper envelope marked 'Portofrei' in m/s, to the Danish Red Cross POW agency; cancelled with d/r bridged cds Kufstein, Tyrol, 1 April 1917; Red Cross h/s "Freuen-Zweig-Verein/Kufstein"; triangular censor h/s "Zensur Abteillung, Wien"; seal on reverse "Geschlossen von d. Zensur d. GZNB"

Reference: 904
French POW in Germany

Reply paid part of POW card from Bourges, 22 August 1942 to a French POW at Stalag VIF, Bocholt, Westphalia with censor h/s of the camp, (to Working Party No 83)

Reference: 888
South African POW in Italian camp

South African POW in Italian camp, envelope with 6d and 3d S. African 'bantams' cancelled d/r cds Illovo Beach, Natal, South Africa 8 December 1942; to POW Camp 60 Italy; faint boxed violet bi-lingual Air Mail h/s, m/s charge marks in red & blue crayon; with bi-lingual South African censor's sealing tape; b/s d/r void Italian censor's b/s: a nice combination of marks

Reference: 875
British POW letter to Stalag XIA 1945

2½d POW air letter to a British POW in Stalag XIA, cancelled Stafford m/c d/s 10 January 1945; from a mother to her son; no censor marks; no b/s; some age marks

Reference: 816

Australia KGVI issue 5/-, 9d, 1d cancelled s/r cds Ship Mail Room; from Melbourne to Solicitors in London, 26 August 1941; inscribed 'Business Letter', 'Written in English', 'By Air Mail Clipper Service'; h/s 'Passed by Censor V147' and 'Approved for Transmission by Camp Commandant 4/No 18'; censor cachet also on reverse; b/s sender's details from Camp IV/A, Tatura, Victoria

Reference: 844
French POW in Germany

French POW in German camp, m/c d/s MINDEN (WESTF.) 26 August 1918; censor's h/s Geprüft 25, Postprüfungsstelle Minden; with a circular cachet of the 'Kommandantur Kreigsgefangenenlager Minden'; to Montreuil sous Bois, Seine

Reference: 709
Germany WW2 Concentration Camp 1943

Mauthausen KZ to Witkomiz, d/r cds KRIEGSGENFANGENENLAGER MAUTHAUSEN 13 March 1943; reigstration label with the same inscription No 445; faint red imprint at the top, "Depositen-Verwaltungskomission der Kriegsgefangenen in Mauthausen"; also with red handstamp "Rekommandiert Portofreie Dienstsach"; a vary rare registered official letter from a concentration camp

Reference: 655

unfranked envelope MS 'Militaire', with machine datestamp of Groningen 4 January 1915, overstruck with red 'London FS Paid 8 January 1915'; black handstamp 'Portvrij Franc de Port Militaires étrangers internés dans les Pays Bas'; from a British sailor, on reverse 'Seaman F Henshaw, Groningen

Reference: 429

unfranked envelope MS 'Militaire', with machine datestamp of Groningen 1 December 1914, overstruck with red 'London FS Paid 4 December 1914'; purple handstamp 'Portvrij Franc de Port Militaires étrangers internés dans les Pays Bas'; from a British sailor, on reverse 'Seaman F Henshaw, Groningen

Reference: 428

folding letter sheet endorsed in MS 'PW Post Postage Free in Lingua Italiana' with boxed handstamp 'P/W Middle East 158', from Camp 309 MEF Cage 17 (Ismalia, Egypt) 12 April 1943; on reverse boxed 'Verificato per Censora' & cachet 324/I in circle; undated 'Ufficio Censura Estera'; purple POW cachet in English tying the flap: Albi arrival d/s 30 June 1943: with the orginal text, a nice item from the WW2 Desert campaign

Reference: 344

Envelope with decorative heading from Groningen to Canonbury, London, with a logo of TF in laurels on a chequerboard; MS 'Militarire', machine d/s Groningen 2 February 1916, over-struck London Paid 7 February 1916 in red; with cachet 'PORTVRIJ/FRANC DE PORT/ Militaires étrangers/ Internés dans les Pays-Bas'; opened slightly roughly at the top but a fine combination

Reference: 315
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