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Paris XV slogan d/s on military envelope inscribed F.M. m/s to Secteur Postal 13957; censored by French with oval h/s 'Ouvert' ZA554; h/s 'Le Destinataire n’a pu être atteint à l’adresse indiquée'; boxed h/s "RETOUR À L’ENVOYEUR" on front and reverse; blue crayon cross (Paris) confirms return to sender?  a wonderful combination on such a 'plain' cover

Reference: 1282

GB KGV Downey Head 1d cancelled large d/r cds Allahabad RMS, 3 January 1917; boxed h/s 'undelivered for reason stated Return to Sender'; T in circle and 1d postage due cancelled 1 February 1917; on reverse large MS 'refused'; on front 'Bombay DLO Postage Due 2 annas'; on reverse Bombay DLO, 3 March, 7 March; Lucknow DLO 14 March 1917

Reference: 1268

3 x 40c Mercury + 1fr 20 Iris cancelled with m/c d/s Paris 28 Sep 1941; British tombstone censor h/s + blue crayon stripe mark; h/s 'Undeliverable for Reason Stated / Return to Sender'; purple h/s 'RETOUR'; London arrival cds 25 October 1944; b/s 21 October 1944; some faults

Reference: 1261

Illustrated 'gruss aus' type card of Marseille from the publisher, dated 1904: originally it was franked 1c on' bande', stamp lost; card thus charged 20c postage due (2 x 1c postage due stamps lost) on reverse: h/s REFUSÉ and returned; on reverse of the 'bande' h/s 'retour à l’envoyeur 3103' (Reims); a fine item

Reference: 1213

QV 1c yellow cancelled circle of bars and s/r cds, St Catherines, 15 August 1894; h/s 'Not called for' and 'Returned to'; arrival d/s St Catherines, 31 August 1894; no b/s; 1c used alone for the local rate; 2 different cds of the same town

Reference: 1178

GB KGVI 7d & 8d definitives on air mail envelope from Blackwood (Monmouthshire) to Bombay, 18 March 1942; unable to be delivered with various handstamps and cachets on the front and the reverse, 'Retour', 'DLO Bombay', 'Inconnu/ Not Known', 'Insufficiently addressed' ; censored and returned May 1942: a striking combination

Reference: 1170
South Africa Unclaimed on two ships 1947

3 x 3d (SG 113) ROYAL VISIT on envelope rather battered by forwarding, cancelled m/c d/s Port Elizabeth, 14 May 1947, to a Union Castle ship, forwarded more than once: 2 boxed violet h/s "UNCLAIMED ON BOARD ARUNDEL CASTLE" and "UNCLAIMED ON BOARD CARNARVON CASTLE 21 MAY 1947"; airmail label; b/s London 20 May 1947; faults to envelope but spectacular maritime item

Reference: 1158
Germany return to sender 1909

10pfg Germania on PPC of Saxony cancelled s/r cds Porschdorf 21 July 1909; h/s boxed NON RECLAMÉ' and 2 strikes 'RETOUR À L'ENVOYEUR'; d/r cds 'Lyon/Rhone' 23 July 1909 after return

Reference: 1150
GB to USA Not Found 1952

2 x KGVI 8d cancelled with VF s/r cds St John¢s Wood B.D. NW 8 code D 29 January 1952, registered air mail; violet h/s 'CANNOT BE FOUND' 'DIRECTORY SERVICE GIVEN SOUTH CENTRAL STN' with pointing finger cachet & boxed 'Return to Sender'; red ink m/s 'Letter only'; Chicago and New York b/s 2-5 Feb & St John¢s Wood day of sending; a nice combination

Reference: 1117
GB to French Zone of Germany 1948

GB KGVI 6d on envelope to Landau, French Zone of Germany; cancelled Enfield m/c d/s 27 July 1948; destination partially blacked out and m/s "2/8 return" & violet h/s 'Zurüch' added; with typed note 'Wenn unbestellbar, bitte zurück an umsthende Adresse' ('if address unknown please contact the address overleaf'); on reverse small label 'décédé'

Reference: 1115
Channel Islands Return to Sender 1952

2 x 1d Channel Isles issue (SG CI) cancelled by 7 bar m/c d/r; from London to Surrey 12 May 1952; boxed h/s "RETURN TO SENDER ADDRESSS INSUFFICIENT 1.S"; stamp recancelled with postman's triangle cachet S.E 1; large blue crayon 'PTO' (for return address); on reverse small s/r cds London 12 May 1952

Reference: 1074
USA Airmail to Yorkshire 1946

USA 3 x 5c Airmail, 3c, 1c and 11c definitives cancelled Portland Oregon, to Hornsea, 30 December 1946, with 'War Savings' slogan d/s; violet h/s "Foreign Air Mail must be fully prepaid for dispatch" and "Return for 15 cents additional postage"; small circular h/s "-7"; m/s "Clovelly, Clarks Camp"; no b/s

Reference: 856

1.20 and 1.50 'Sabine' + 5 fr and 3 fr pictorials on registered envelope sent sealed with the tape of the AR service (Avis de reception); cancelled St Gobert, Aisne; large h/s AR: 2 strikes of the h/s 'Retour à l'envoyeur 2224': ms 'refuse'; b/s Marle sur Serre 17 May (to return) & (?) 19 May,
much travelled

Reference: 833
GB half penny PS card

half penny brown PS card from London to Manchester; much readdressed with forwarded, gone away, insufficiently addressed, returned to sender cachets & m/s endorsements; corner faults, unsurprising owing to the amount of travel; on reverse London Vere St Parcel Post part blue label; an extraordinary combination

Reference: 775
France Film Festival 1946 to Warsaw

Cannes Film Festival Air Day; Gandon 2fr and 15fr cancelled s/r cds 'Festival du Film, Cannes', with green festival labels and boxed cachet, to Warsaw Poland 22 September 1946; s/r cds Warszawa 10 October 1948; b/s Warsaw 2 28 September 1948; and a 2nd light Warsaw d/s; presumably returned

Reference: 716
Cannes Film Festival 1946 to Oslo

Cannes Film Festival Air Day; Gandon 2 fr & 15fr cancelled s/r cds 'Festival du Film, Cannes' + boxed cachet 'Cannes Journée de l'Air' with green festival labels, to Oslo, Sweden; h/s "RETUR"; b/s Oslo 29 September and returned to Cannes

Reference: 715
GB to Azores 1971

GB Machin 5p violet on plain envelope from Huddersfield to Ponta Delgada, Azores; h/s Ausente/Parti boxed h/s (also on reverse); h/s "RETOUR À L'ENVOYEUR/DEVOLVIGO AO REMETENTE"; h/s "UNDELIVERED FOR REASON STATED/RETURN TO SENDER"; red h/s "O NAVIO NÃO SE ENCONTRA NEM É ESPERADO NESTE PORTO"; b/s Correios Ponta Delgada 24 July 1971

Reference: 697
GB Registered to Brazil 1936

GB KGV photogravure issue ½d, 1d, 1½d, 2½d (SG 439-441,443) on manilla envelope, registered, to a hotel in Brazil; m/s "if not called for in 10 days please return"; "Huntingdon 7735" registration crossed out and re-entered; m/s "V. VERSO" and h/s "OUT OF COURSE 1.S.", and m/s "received"; b/s Huntindon registered 9 January 1936 & on return 2 March 1936, and at Copacabana 12 January; age faults but an attractive postal history item

Reference: 684
Vienna to New York

Envelope with d/r bridged cds 2/1 Wien 27; on reverse small costume definitive 2 x 24gr + 12 gr cancelled with the same cds; to New York 10 September 1936; on reverse "Not in Directory Morris Heights Station" and "INCONNU/UNKNOWN" in violet; on face h/s RETOUR in violet

Reference: 675
GB to New Zealand

GB 4d Parliamentary Conference (SG 560), cancelled with the special conference cds (stated to be the 1st day of issue 12 September); from London to Campbell Island via New Zealand; boxed "Not Found" & re-addressed twice; Wellington NZ slogan & cds 16 Jan 1958, small boxed 32, octagonal handstamp Wellington unclaimed 20 Feb 1958; on reverse s/r cds Kilbernie Postmen's Branch 17 Jan 1948 & Returned Letter Office Wellington, 6 March 1948: a fine detailed attempt to deliver

Reference: 650
Jersey to Copenhagen 1961 returned

GB 3d CEPT issue Jersey to Copenhagen, 19 September 1961 (2nd value lost in transit) cancelled Jersey slogan d/s, to a hotel; m/s "please forward"; cds Kobenhavn 23 Sept & 25 Sept 1961; purple h/s "OMKARTERINGS---/KOBENHAVN" (twice); large green h/s RETOUR and green boxed 'parti'; purple h/s "UNDELIVERED FOR REASON STATED/RETURN TO SENDER" m/s "RETOUR in green with further h/s on reverse

Reference: 623
London to Algiers by air 1936

GB KGV 5d and 1d cancelled with large double-ring cds Wilton Road, Hudson's Place SW1,from Harrow to Algiers, 2 March 1936; Airmail label with MS 'urgent': boxed handstamp 'Retour à l'Envoyeur' and rough h/s 'voir au dos' in violet; on reverse are cachets showing attempts to deliver via Paris to Algiers, and returned with violet handstamps 'Addresse Incomplète' & 'Inconnu à l'Appel Alger' a fine RTS example

Reference: 615

US 10c violet Airmail stamp cancelled with duplex datestamp Downers Grove, to Montivideo, Uruguay 1 November 1946; handstamped in red bilingual 'Return to Sender' with Uruguay $0.23 on 50 Air stamp cancelled 5 November 1946; on reverse red h/s 'Received Panamerican Airways Montevideo 3 Nov 1946'

Reference: 424

GB KGV 1d & ½d on PC of Torquay cancelled St Mary Church 14 August 1922, sent to a hotel in Switzerland, forwarded and then returned to sender as 'unclaimed': transit datestamps and Return/Retour handstamps and endorsements. an attractive 'busy' card

Reference: 267

GB KGV 1½d on envelope to Acton, redirected to Italy & Switzerland, with British charge mark 1d FB (foreign branch); various forwarding handstamps, Swiss blue crayon 20 and 20c Swiss Postage Due. A 'busy' cover probably returned to sender

Reference: 219
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