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Curacao 45c pictorial issue on 1st flight Curacao to Amsterdam; illustrated special KLM envelope; cancelled Curacao Willemstad 19 February 1946; no b/s

Reference: 1192

Curacao 20c and 25c (SG 203, 204) pictorials on 1st flight Curacao to Amsterdam; illustrated special KLM envelope; cancelled Curacao Willemstad 19 February 1946; no b/s

Reference: 1191

KGVI 2/- and 10/- on airmail envelope lightly cancelled GRENADA 26 September 1942, to Sussex; wartime airmail, uncensored; small faults to envelope and front only but a good franking

Reference: 1181

complete envelope (has been opened out) with illustrated advertising for Hats and plastic tablecloths (front & back), franked with 6 x 3d pictorials, for 1/6 airmail rate to Bristol, cancelled Kingston 16 September 1955, slight faults to envelope but a very striking cover

Reference: 1169
Bermuda threepence registered envelope 1922

KGV 3 pence embossed registration envelope 8" x 5"; c1922, unused, scarce (previous owner sold for £50)

Reference: 1164
Trinidad & Tobago OHMS to Bristol 1964

Official envelope inscribed "On Trinidad and Tobago Government" franked with 12c QE2 stamp, to Bristol 19 August 1964: h/s "On Postal Service" & "Postmaster General" and "Air mail" with an official letter from Trinidad Postmaster General, signed, enclosing a typed list of all the Post Offices then open (in August 1954) including in Tobago, with 27 added in ms; important historical document

Reference: 1157
Bermuda "Posted in the High Seas" c 1950

KGB ½d (SG 93), KGVI 2½d (SG 113c), 1/- (SG 115) all cancelled by undated VF strike of "Queen of Bermuda/Posted on the High Seas"; to Runcorn; on airmail envelope inscribed 'Furness Bermuda Line' (service suspended during WW2, restarted 1949, ended 1966: nice maritime colonial cover

Reference: 960
USA Forces in Trinidad 1942

5 x 3c President Jefferson definitive on airmail envelope cancelled American Base Forces APO 803 11 April 1942 to New Orleans; boxed red censor h/s 'Passed by US Army Examiner 715', no b/s, from the American Forces in Trinidad durng WW2, scarce source

Reference: 920
GB to Cuba 1941 censored

GB KGVI 3d deep violet on envelope cancelled London WC m/c d/s 7 Jan 1941; opened by British censor & re-sealed with tape reading 'Opened by Examiner 2563'; b/s Havana, Cuba slogan d/s 31 January 1941; some faults to envelope

Reference: 901
Jamaica rural datestamp

QE2 2d portrait issue cancelled with VF double rim rural cds 'DUNDEE/JAMAICA B.W.I' in violet 4 March 1958; no b/s

Reference: 730
St Vincent Registered envelope 1953

St Vincent Coronation 6 x 4c (2 on reverse) + KGVI 6d pictorial on registered airmail envelope, cancelled with s/r cds Kingstown St Vincent 18 June 1954, Registration GPO Trinidad 20 June, large red cds Montreal Registered 23 June, large purple d/s REGISTERED cds MONTREAL PQ 23 June 1953; a nice combination

Reference: 661
Jamaica Postal Agency Galina December 1955

Jamaica 2d pictorial black and green cancelled with fine double oval postal agency h/s Galina 16 December 1955 in violet; philatelic cover to E.F. Aguilar, no b/s

Reference: 605
Jamaica Postal Agency Windsor Forest 1950

KGVI ½d cancelled 9 May 1950 with very fine double oval postal agency h/s Windsor Forest in violet with 'toothed' outer rim; b/s double ring cds Newport 10 May 1950

Reference: 604
Jamaica Postal Agency Plowden 1950

KGVI ½d cancelled with very fine double oval postal agency h/s Plowden in violet with 'toothed' outer rim 3 July 1950; b/s double ring cds Newport 5 July 1950

Reference: 602
Jamaica Postal Agency Rio Grande 1951

Jamaica 1d red cancelled with VF double oval postal agency h/s Rio Grande in violet, with manuscript "Posted at Knockpatrick under cover to P.M. Rio Grande; 2d (to pay) in blue crayon; b/s Newport, Jamaica 28 May 1951

Reference: 601
Jamaica Postal Agency Mt. Airy 1949

KGVI ½d cancelled with very fine double oval postal agency h/s Mt. Airy in violet 17 December 1949; b/s double ring cds Newport 19 December 1949

Reference: 603
Bermuda to Wimbledon

14 November 1944, Hamilton, Bermuda to Wimbledon. Mixed issues 7 1/2d x 2 + KGV 6d airmail, cancelled Hamilton and readdressed to Wandsworth, with additional Wimbledon cds 20 November 1944 on one stamp

Reference: 587

Curious part lettersheet franked with 1d + 2 x ½d Britannia issue (SG 149b, 150c), to the Command Paymaster Eastern Command, London, cancelled GPO Port of Spain Trinidad, error 18 inverted in 1918 date (reads 81): with extensive minutely written clear text which includes a note 'British troops from Mesopotamia have reached Baku on the Caspian...' and much other fascinating detail: a scarce and impressive item

Reference: 511

Decorative envelope inscribed 'First Flight Air
Mail - Bermuda to New York' also handstamped 'Bermuda - U.S. Service R.M.A. "Cavalier" First Flight' with KGV 3d & 1/- pictorials (SG 103,105) cancelled Hamilton, to Washington DC 14 June 1937; on reverse New York June 16 1937 (+ mirror image on the front): note Airmail rate to NY City was 9d per ½ oz, to rest of USA 1/3 per ½ oz; "Cavalier" was a Flying Boat; scarce & attractive cover

Reference: 418

Trinidad 1c, 2c, 3c KGVI pictorials (SG 246, 247, 248a) on illustrated envelope for the 1st Caribbean Intercolonial Stamp Exhibition, Port of Spain, May 1948, cancelled Whitehall Trinidad skeleton type cds; b/s Cross, Trinidad & San Fernando 7 May 1948, attractive and less common stamp exhibition cover

Reference: 369

Set of 8 issued for the Netherlands Relief Fund (SG 232-9) on airmail envelope, 3 values on reverse, FDC cancelled Curacao Willemstad 1 July 1946, with large bilingual cachet sealing the flap on reverse; attractive Dutch Colonial cover

Reference: 347

1854 entire letter to New York with a partial PHILADELPHIA postmark dated 13.JUN and a FORWARDED BY JAURETCHE & CARSTAIRS PHILA'A cachet. The contents also include a bank draft from the Colonial Bank.

Reference: 190H